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Her manner of writing is so clear and meaningful and easy to grasp. These are the kinds of books that I like to underline, ear flap, and carry with me everywhere for continual support and inspiration.

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Ideas that Shaped History Sixth graders study the origins of human beings in Africa and the early civilizations. This Court was competent only regarding adults, and only in the area of a domus [10]. Eugen Cizek — Istoria Romei However, the father still had the right to enforce lighter penalties.

Lifeplace bioregional thought and practice

Introduction Bioregional Thinking Living-in-place means following the necessities and pleasures of life as they are uniquely presented by a particular site, and evolving ways to ensure long-term occupancy of that site. It is not, however, to be thought of as antagonistic to civilization, in the more human sense of that word, but may be the only way in which a truly civilized existence can be maintained. Peter Berg and Raymond Dasmann, Somewhere in the swirl of life, each of us ponders three essential questions: "Who am I.

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The authors explain that what started out as a series of conversations on medieval paleography and the impact of the written word on 12th-century society evolved into this wider consideration of the significance of written culture down to the present age. Perhaps on account of that initial impetus, though, the real weight here falls on the evolution of written culture rather than on its present condition.