If the engine overheats again, have a The coolant level Yamaha dealer check and repair the cooling system. Replacing The Fuses If a fuse is blown, replace it as follows. In addition, the tank. Starter relay cover 2.

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Start the motorcycle. Shift into first gear. Twist the throttle. Shift gears when appropriate. Pull clutch lever toward you to put the motorcycle in neutral. Set motorcycle into neutral before braking, either by, a. Shifting the gear shift to neutral with your foot. Pulling the clutch lever fully toward you, until the green neutral light on the dashboard lights up. Hold the key in its clockwise position while lifting gas cap to reveal gas tank opening.

Key must remain in the gas cap keyhole throughout the fueling process. Insert fueling hose or jerry can spout into gas tank opening. Saddle bags do not come standard with this model. Put key into saddle bag keyhole. Turn the key clockwise. Push red button located between the keyhole and saddle bag opening.

Close saddle bag. Turn the key counterclockwise to release. Remove key from saddle bag keyhole. To open the passenger seat compartment: 1. Replace passenger seat cover. Remove passenger seat cover. Remove bolts on either side of the adjustment plate. Move plate to desired setting. Move plate toward the windscreen for a higher seat.

Move plate toward passenger seat for a lower seat. Push kickstand down with your left foot until the kickstand can no longer move. Bring the motorcycle to a complete stop. Remove the key and dismount the motorcycle.

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