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They are highly compact and cost effective. Equipped with cuttingedge intelligence and safety capability the drives are designed specifically to meet the production and performance needs of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers OEMs and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications.

Applications ABB general machinery drives are designed to meet the requirements of an extensive range of machinery ap pli ca tions. The drives are ideal for lifting, food and beverage, material handling, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking applications. Designed for the food and beverage, textile, ceramics, pulp and paper and water and waste water industries, the drives are suitable for screws, mixers, pumps, fans and conveyers especially where the machine is exposed to dust, moisture and cleaning chemicals.

A user control panel housed within a plastic window is designed to resist moist and dusty atmospheres. Furthermore, the cooling fan is located inside the drive, thereby eliminating the need for an external cooling fan and the subsequent maintenance of external moving parts.

The wall mounted drive can be located close to the process and the operator. The drive features the assistant control panel as standard. The drive is certified by NSF. The ACS drive is delivered with a panel cover as standard. In addition there are two alternative control panels available as options. Basic control panel The basic control panel features a single line numeric display. The panel can be used to control the drive, set the parameter values or copy them from one drive to another.

Assistant control panel The assistant control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and an built-in help function to guide the user. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate.

The drive with IP66 enclosure has the assistant control panel as standard. Polarity is selected with DIP switches. No external power source is needed for the potentiometer. Panel mounting kits To attach the control panel to the outside of a larger enclosure, two panel mounting kits are available. The panel mounting kits include all hardware required, including 3 m extension cables and installation instructions. A single twisted pair cable avoids large amounts of conventional cabling, thereby reducing costs and increasing system reliabilty.


Преобразователь частоты ACS355-03E-31A0-4



falownik ACS355 / 1,1kW/ 3x400V - ACS355-03E-03A3-4



ABB ACS355-03E-01A9-4


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