Shelves: owned , bob-ong , Try and try until you succeed. Experience is the best teacher. Time is gold. Honesty is the best policy. Be the best of what you are. He who opens a school door, closes a prison.

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The story also delineates the Filipino culture. Amusingly, it uncovers the social issues and realities specifically in the field of education and economy. The author wanted us to look into a bigger picture of what life truly is and be knowledgeable on what education truly is. The text was delivered in an informal and casual manner wherein Bob Ong just seems to be our friend, who is sharing his experiences, talking about his student life — in the most casual tone.

He did not used words that need to be looked up on the dictionary and it was easier for us to comprehend everything he wants to convey. Aside from the narrations, there were parts that were essay-like. These parts were full of substance, had valid arguments, supported by facts. Since the book is about a student, we were really able to relate on the life accounts of Roberto.

The book emphasizes the importance of openness in our family because our family is the foundation of who we are today. They are the one who knows us better than others. Next is about the people we love romantically. We gave this book a rating of perfect 5 because we consider this book as one of the best books we have ever read.

Technical stuff does not interest us that much, but the power of the story really moved us, for it was really relatable for us teenagers who also experience what the main character feels in his school life. We also recognized a lot of realities in life and because of these reasons, we confidently recommend this book to be read by other people — not only to teenagers out there who struggle or not with their school life but also to adults who would want to reminisce the experiences they had when they were still studying.

I am already able to provide the needs of my family and even treat them by buying the things they want and stuff like that. By the age of 27, I would be spending most of my free time traveling around the country, then the world with my family and friends. I would also study again in order to expand my horizons, explore, and gain more knowledge about different things.

I might even take short courses related to my hobbies so I could enjoy and do more when I do the things I like to do most. After ten years, I would be already living my dream. Anneleu Marie M. My job that time would be a land lawyer.

I would also have my very own family at that time. There would also be bills that I have to pay and taxes that I have to consider every time I receive my salary. My life would be more complicated, yes, but then again I know that I am contented with what I have by that time. I can say by that time that I have reached what would make everyone proud of me. Camille Joy B. Patigdas, see myself as a successful and humble individual living my dreams not only for myself but also for my loved ones.

I will become a statistician and a businesswoman at the same time because it is really my dream to make my own identity in the business industry. It is also my dream to have my own family by that time. May the Almighty God give me strength, courage, determination and inspiration to get through the obstacles that I may face.


ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! by Bob Ong – Student’s Corner

Buod: Ipinakita niya ang buhay ng simpleng batang katulad niya. Tulad na lamang ng mga nilalarong mga laro noon. Pinakita niya din ang buhay ng mga nararanasan ng batang nag aaral sa isang public elementary school. Ipinaliwanag din niya ang mga pagtawid nila ng river tuwing papasok.


[PDF] ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong) Book by Bob Ong Free Download (181 pages)

The book was written in Tagalog slang. The story presents a sentimental account of his life in school that also reflects the school life of typical Filipinos. The story begins with Roberto narrating his day in school, explaining the common shortcomings of a public school. Roberto Ong, the main character in the story is a typical school boy who has dreams and visions in life. It was the misadventures of Roberto and his two childhood bestfriends that brought laughter to the story. Anyone would love the nostalgic feeling brought by the book.

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