For interfacing these sensors to microcontrollers we require to convert the analog output of these sensors to digital so that the controller can read it. Why we are using ADC for Microcontroller? So we have to use external ADC. There are many ADCs available. ADC is a Successive approximation type with 8 channels i. I mean, In ADC we can give only one analog input.

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I am from India doing my Masters in Computer Applications.. There are 6 semesters in this masters program and in the 6th sem I have to submit a project.. Where everybody goes in for a commercial management system as their project Library Mgt System, Billing system etc. I decided to venture into robotics. I came across an event called micromouse and i decided to do it.

Having no background in electronics I still went ahead and did the project. All the code to control my robot is also complete using Keil C. I am using stepper motors and they work just fine. There is some part of Artificial Intelligence that i have embedded onto this robot. Shortest path algo My simulation program works well and now i need to implement it on the machine. To be specific to measure the reflected intensity of IR.

Now the thing that I am not finding information about is to generate a Clock frequency for the ADC about khz and frequency for IR modulation to reduce the effect of ambient light. I need to modulate it at 38 khz. I want to generate the freq using the port 3 of the microcontroller AT89C Also the procedure to read the ADC for its digital output. Prior to posting my first message on this forum I have gone through Mr. Any help would be great..

Thanking you in advance..


ADC 0808 interfacing to 8051

ADC Free running Circuit Normally analogue-to-digital converter ADC needs interfacing through a microprocessor to convert analogue data into digital format. This requires hardware and necessary software, resulting in increased complexity and hence the total cost. The circuit of A-to-D converter shown here is configured around ADC , avoiding the use of a microprocessor. It works on the principle of successive approximation.

6ES5 451-7LA11 PDF

Interfacing ADC0808 To 8051

But there may a situation where we have to deal with external inputs such as analog signals. All most all the input signals from physical sensors are of analog signals. In such cases, we can interface the microcontroller with an external device such as an ADC to convert the analog signal to a digital signal. Because our microcontrollers can only understand 0 and 1. In this article, we look into the details of ADC interfacing with In the present time, there are lots of microcontrollers in the market which has inbuilt ADC with one or more channels, E.

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