Visit her online at EroticaNoir. They went to college together. But that still does not make survival any easier. WTF was that all about? Take for example, Boomquisha, the gum-snapping, acrylic nail wearing hairdresser. I have no fear of death; my greatest fear is of living a year longer, a decade longer, a lifetime longer… without my dearest Rayne.

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Jul 22, Amy M. Amy Loves Reading Blog rated it really liked it Wow!! I love reading recommendations and especially ones that have my mind thinking long after I have finished. As I have just finished this book I know it will be on my mind for a long time afterwards. Rayne and Yardley are the two main characters we get to watch grow and get hurt through different relationships. Rayne had a mother that wasnt your typical mother and who she was very ashamed of but like all of us her mother also had her own demons.

Watching Rayne learn from her mothers demons was Wow!! One woman in particular had me disgusted and wanting to beat her ass. Well, maybe more than one woman. But in the end he chose to live his life and demand the love and respect from the woman of his dreams.

I have had issues in the past when an author does what this author did in this book and which is the reason I took a full star away. I completely understand why you did what you did and I read the entire book from cover to back looking for the explanation you gave but it still broke me.

I did enjoy this book very much until the end. Just beware that as with life, this book throws some harsh truths in your face. These thoughts are real and it scares me that she has all of this romance, love, sex and positions in her head to share



Mezigul I understand what she was trying to do, but there were other ways to get your message across. Looking back, I afgerburn so many regrets about that moment. I yearned to make love to her, to feel her pussy throbbing as it engulfed my dick, but that would have been a selfish act and I have never been a selfish man. But now, it feels dull and meh. Afterburn Book Summary and Study Guide Rayne is raised by a single mother who is a alcholic and trying to sleep afterhurn every man around.



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