Darken the circle indicating the correct response completely. Take utmost care while marking your answers as incomplete darkening will not be recognized by the OMR Scanner. Thus, there will be 12 sets of the question paper. Can one see images of OMR sheets and Responses on website? The images of OMR Sheet and Responses captured by the machine will be displayed on the website ntaneet.

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However, you do not have time to learn the designing process before the next test or examination in your school or college. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry as we provide you with the facility of downloading readymade OMR sheets from our website. We have sheets of different layouts including papers for 50, , , , etc.

Here, we have provided a question OMR sheet sample which you can download for free. This OMR sheet does not have a watermark and can be customized for your institute or organization. You can add the name of your institute and logo in the space provided at the top of the sheet.

Once this is done, you can take multiple printouts of this sheet with a laser or inkjet printer. Make sure that you do not alter the position of the index points present in the four corners of the sheet. If you do so, it would affect the sheet reading process, and you may not receive accurate results.

In this sheet, the questions are divided into six rows, and you have 30 questions in one row. Every question has four options, among which the students have to mark the one right answer. Students should be advised to read the instructions provided at the beginning of the sheet while filling the sheet, so that mistakes can be divided. You have to make sure that the students mark the bubbles with a black or blue ball point pen and not with pencil.

Apart from this, ensure that the bubbles are marked completely and are not left half-filled or with a tick mark. Students should also be taught to handle the OMR sheets well. The question OMR sheet sample is available in colored format, so you need to use a color laser printer for printing this sheet.

Download the sheet today and use it for test or practice purpose.

BTA40 700B PDF

NEET 2020 Final Answer Keys, OMR sheet and Solutions

Jushicage Does coaching really help lmr clearing entrance exam? D in Management M. It is downloaded from the login, which is provided on cbseneet. The application fee to challenge answer key can be paid via online mode only.


180 Question OMR Sheet Sample


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