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If you want to know what people were actually thinking and saying about photography during its first years or so, you can find it here. The main limitation is that the book stops in the s, so, for my course in history of photography I have to provide additional materials for the recent developments, such as digital photography and the relations between photography and computing and the internet.

In short, within its limitations, this is an excellent source book, and a bargain in an age of obscene textbook pricing. A great intro to photo theory and criticism By Electricamerman on May 14, All photographers should read this book once. Starts with Daguerre. Mostly crit and theory by the artists themselves. Very good selection, enjoyable reading, goes fast. Should be required reading in every art school that teaches photography.

Great essays. By Vic Setterholm on Apr 25, Just happened to have this collection of essays when I needed source material for an essay I was writing.

Highly informative. I wanted to have a relatively objective perspective on lessons learned as photography matured. Even though we have improved technology, e. Each of the authors faced the same challenge and has presented their position articulately!

By Tamar Shaanan on Aug 25, Classic. Interesting for anyone that loves the history of photography. I am glad I bought it. A Great resource! Nothing you cant find online or learn by yourself. If your interested in knowing how people felt about photo when it first came out - this gives you a good idea. Great Reference Material. By Robert Keough on Oct 19, Very interesting collection of articles.

Focus is primarily for social causes and the like. Spot news etc. Good entry level book for those wanting to work at a TV station. Would not recommend this book at all. Photo Journalism is constantly changing, this book is bias. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Classic Essays on Photography



Classic essays on photography


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