In addition, push connectors are very easy to set up. Twist the strands together, press the push terminal button, and feed the strands through the exposed hole in the push connector. However, Alesis realizes that in many applications the RA power switch will be left on and the RA, along with other gear, will be switched on by a master AC switch. As a result, room acoustics become less important since the primary acoustic interaction involves direct sound from the speakers rather than reflected sounds from the room.

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For example, a kick drum pushes air toward you on the initial transient, so a speaker reproducing a kick drum should have its cone push air toward you. If the polarity is reversed, the cone will suck air away from you. Even if the problem occurs for only a few microseconds, a pulse-stretching circuit will allow the LED to light long enough for you to see that a problem is occurring. However, the power is considerably greater than that provided by most "headphone amplifiers", which are often rated at 1 watt or below.

If a low frequency signal in a multi-amplified system is applied to a high frequency transducer, the transducer can be damaged, and a loose connection can cause noise It is possible that the output signal from the source may be too high and, thus, distorted before it reaches the amplifier gain control, either because the source device is clipping or the amplifier input Page Troubleshooting Once all gain adjustments are made and proper operation is confirmed, no special considerations are required for Alesis Reference Series amplifiers.

Aside from the front panel gain controls, there are no user adjustments or routine maintenance operations necessary or available. Page Obtaining Repair Service Tape a note to the top of the unit describing the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you if necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned. Alesis will pay for standard one-way shipping back to you on any repair covered under the terms of this warranty.

Page 35 watts RA , watts RA , or watts RA into an 8-ohm load when operated in bridged mono mode with no more than. Page Index Index volt to volt conversion, 10, 22 AC cord, 9 AC power, 10 balanced inputs, 14 balanced lines, 16 banana plugs, 19 Bridged Mono mode, 17, 20 cables shielded input, 15 speaker, 18 class AB, 7, 33 cooling, 7, 11 direct box, 17 Fuse, 10 gain setting,


Alesis RA300 Manuals & User Guides

Popular prices, powerful performance. Even with the increasing use of powered speakers, many popular speakers and headphones still require external amplification. These new amps are designed to provide more power and better performance at a lower overall cost per watt than even our own RA — as well as any other competing models. As a result, they can more closely match the power needs of virtually any passive speaker or studio monitor, offering a significantly better fit for an exceptionally wide range of budgets, applications and customers.


Alesis RA-100 Reference Manual

Численное значение в названии указывает на максимальную выдаваемую мощность в мостовом режиме. Усилитель можно использовать как в студии, так и в составе Hi-Fi комплекса. Отсутствие активного охлаждения делает усилитель бесшумным, по сравнению с другими профессиональными усилителями. В целом, внешне усилитель схож с протестированным ранее Behringer A


Alesis RA300 Manuals


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