One more Rachel, to be exact. Rachel is an okay person to have around. But two could be considered overkill. Especially two Rachels with completely opposite personalities: one is pathetically weak; one is super strong and super nasty. Now the Animorphs have to figure out a way to put Rachel back together again.

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Plot summary[ edit ] The story revolves around five humans: Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel and Tobias, and one alien, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill nicknamed Ax , who obtain the ability to transform into any animal they touch.

Naming themselves "Animorphs" a portmanteau of "animal morphers" , [6] they use their ability to battle a secret alien infiltration of Earth by a parasitic race of aliens resembling large slugs called Yeerks, that can take any living creatures as a host by entering and merging with their brain through the ear canal.

The Animorphs fight as a guerilla force against the Yeerks who are led by Visser Three. Throughout the series, the Animorphs carefully protect their identities; the Yeerks assume that the Animorphs are a strike force sent by the Andalites, the alien race to which Ax belongs that created the transformation technology, to prevent them from conquering Earth.

Though the Animorphs can assume the form of any animal they touch to acquire the DNA, there are several limitations to the ability. The most vital is that they cannot stay in animal form for more than two hours, or they will be unable to return to human form and the morphs become permanent. A benefit to morphing is that it allows the team to heal any superficial, non-genetic injury, sustained as a human or in a morph.

Also, while in morph, they can telepathically communicate with anyone nearby. Development[ edit ] In an interview with Publishers Weekly , Applegate talked about the source of inspiration and realization for the Animorphs series: "I grew up loving animals and lived with the usual suburban menagerie of dogs, cats and gerbils", she said.

Applegate stated in an interview online [8] that many of the names for her alien creatures, races, and locations are actually scrambled names of local street signs or companies that she happens to notice.

For instance, the word nothlit was derived from the hotel name Hilton. Also there was a minor reference to Gondor , in the form of a fictional company named "Gondor Industries" in the 14th book. Her daughter was born premature in , and Applegate worked on the Animorphs series at night, in the lobby of the hospital where she was in Neonatal Intensive Care NIC. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

The war takes on a deeper meaning for Jake when he finds out that his older brother Tom has been infested by a Yeerk, it is also one of the only things that holds him together throughout the series; if not for that he would probably crack from all the pressure and life-taking decisions.

He is the only member of the team to have some relationship with all of the other human members prior to the war: Jake and Rachel are cousins. He and Marco have been best friends since early childhood.

He and Cassie have always had an attraction to each other. He is one of the few people who acknowledges Tobias and treats him with kindness. Rachel: Rachel has the most bloodthirsty nature in the group, earning her the nickname of " Xena, Warrior Princess ". She is also good in gymnastics and has an interest in fashion. She and Tobias develop an attraction for one another during the series. Tobias: Tobias has low self-esteem and was often bullied in school before becoming an Animorph.

With both his parents dead, he lives with his aunt and uncle who share custody of him. Tobias becomes trapped in a red-tailed hawk morph in the first book. During the series, he regains the power to morph, but his natural form is now as a hawk. Even though Rachel wants him to morph back to human and stay for more than the two hour time, but that would mean he would be out of the fight, so he remains as a red-tailed hawk. He admires Jake because he has always shown him respect and kindness when no one else would.

He also develops a close friendship with Ax. Cassie: Cassie lives on a farm with her parents,who are veterinarians. She is the most knowledgeable about animals, and she is also an environmentalist. She is best friends with Rachel, although their personalities and styles are polar opposites. She loves nature and animals. Cassie is also an estreen, the Andalite term for someone who is naturally talented at morphing.

He is also the one who coined the term "Animorphs. He changes his mind when he finds out his mother is still alive and the host body for Visser One, the leader of the Yeerk invasion. Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill Ax : Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill is an Andalite who is thought to be the only survivor of a bloody battle that took place in outer space. His ship has crash landed on Earth.

He is the younger brother of Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, who gave the Animorphs their morphing ability and died shortly after. The other Animorphs call him "Ax" because it is easier to pronounce. Other main characters[ edit ] Visser Three: Born as Esplin Primary and later known as Visser One, he is the leader of the Yeerk forces on Earth and the main antagonist of the series.

He inherited the planet from Edriss , who was Visser One at the time. Sadistic and cruel, with a penchant for torture , he almost exclusively inhabits the body of a fully-grown Andalite warrior, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, and is the only Yeerk to have an Andalite host. He also has the Andalite ability to morph, and is shown throughout the series to have acquired some exceptionally powerful morphs from many different planets. He later gets promoted to Visser One. He tries to refrain from direct involvement in the war to avoid antagonizing his evil counterpart Crayak because combat between the two of them causes destruction on a galactic scale.

He subtly orchestrated many of the key events of the series. In The Ellimist Chronicles , it is revealed that he was once a simple member of an avian race who, through a number of experiences, became a drastically different being. Crayak: The arch-enemy of the Ellimist who seeks absolute control over all intelligent life. He develops a personal vendetta against Jake after Jake ruins his soldier species, the Howlers.

The Ellimist claimed that he originated from another galaxy and was driven out by another power even greater than he was; The Ellimist Chronicles details his early conflicts with the Ellimist prior to their evolution into beings of seemingly limitless power. She has a strong personality mixed with a desire to do the right thing, not necessarily what is easy. Her family was eventually sent to the Hork-Bajir home planet, where she bonded with an unusually intelligent Hork-Bajir named Dak Hamee.

Aldrea obtained the ability to morph shortly after the technology was developed, and used it to fight the Yeerk invasion of the Hork-Bajir world after her family was murdered. She and Dak led the resistance, and a strong bond developed between the two of them.

She eventually, though accidentally, became a Hork-Bajir female permanently, and she and Dak fell deeply in love, married and had a son named Seerow. Despite their resistance efforts, they were both eventually killed and their son was infested by the Yeerks, though his line later gave rise to the leaders of the free Hork-Bajir on Earth.

Alloran was an officer under Prince Seerow, who relieved his superior of duty after a force of Yeerks stole Andalite ships and left their planet thanks to technology provided to them by Seerow. Years later, having been promoted to the rank of War Prince, Alloran was placed in command of the Andalite forces sent to fight the Yeerk invasion of the Hork-Bajir homeworld. Unfortunately, the desperate situation on the planet led Alloran to decide that wiping out the Hork-Bajir with a virus was a better alternative than allowing them to be enslaved, and countless members of the species died as a result.

Alloran was subsequently disgraced, and ended up serving on the crew of the same ship that Elfangor was assigned to as a junior officer.

After an attempt by Ax to kill Visser Three, Alloran was briefly left free to communicate with him, and encouraged him to continue the fight. Eventually he was freed from his infestation. Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul - Elfangor is the first alien the Animorphs meet in the series.

He gives them the power to morph minutes before his death. His adventures are highlighted in the book called The Andalite Chronicles , which takes place before the main Animorphs series. He was a war prince, and the older brother of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. He was the sworn enemy of Visser Three, and - due to time spent as a human - the father of Tobias. Auxiliary Animorphs: These were teenagers recruited from hospitals and rehabilitation centers where they were being treated for chronic diseases or learning to live with disabilities.

David: A boy who joins the Animorphs after learning their secret. The Animorphs trust him at first, giving him the ability to morph and fight with them rather than kill him, but he betrays them. Ultimately, they are forced to trick him into morphing into a rat and trap him permanently in the morph, leaving him stranded on an island. He returns later in the series, eventually asking Rachel to kill him. Whether Rachel kills David or not has never been established. Drode: The Drode is an alien creature, described as being similar to a very dark purple dinosaur with wrinkled, pruny skin, and an oddly humanoid face.

Little is known of the Drode, but it serves Crayak and usually shows up when he does. Erek King: Erek King is a member of the Chee, a pacifistic android race created by an alien race called the Pemalites.

After the destruction of the Pemalites at the hands of the Howlers, Erek, along with the rest of the Chee, escaped to Earth. They have lived on the planet for thousands of years, using incredibly advanced holographic technology to pass as human. He was killed in action during the final battle. Howlers: A race of killers artificially created by Crayak and deployed as shock troopers against the inhabitants of various worlds.

Seven of them were selected by Crayak to be pitted against the Animorphs and Erek the Chee in a contest between the Ellimist and Crayak concerning the fate of an offshoot of the Yeerk race who had found an alternative means of living. Jake eventually discovered that the Howlers were children, too young to understand what they were doing and seeing it all as a game, and the Animorphs managed to infect their collective memory with a flashback of Jake and Cassie kissing.

The Howlers were thus ruined as a soldier race. The One: An alien being who assimilates other beings; he makes a deal with the defeated Yeerks. He is the final antagonist of the series. His original Yeerk is actually promoted and meant to receive another host early in the series, but ends up in Jake instead; it subsequently dies, while Tom receives another Yeerk.

This Yeerk eventually stole the cube that provided the morphing power to the Animorphs and delivered it to his fellow Yeerks, and was later subsequently killed by Rachel.

They are dependent upon Kandrona rays to survive, and must leave their hosts every three days in order to enter a Yeerk pool where they may absorb these rays. For most of the series, her rank is Visser One. She is the subject of the novel Visser , which describes her rise to and dramatic fall from power. She is the highest ranking of all the Yeerks in their military, and is only surpassed in importance by the Council of Thirteen.

However, with the help of various hints in the course of the series, many fans guessed their ages to be approximately thirteen to fourteen with thirteen being the more likely at the start. For example, at the beginning of 1: The Invasion , Jake mentions having tried out for his junior high basketball team and not making it.

However, as Marco describes them as "idiot teenagers with a death wish" in the first book, it is very likely that some or most of them are older than twelve. In The Solution , Rachel states that Jake is "not even in high school. Also, in The Familiar , Jake wakes up one morning as a twenty-five-year-old, and in the preview for that book in the previous one , it says he sleeps for a decade, suggesting that his age was fifteen before his journey into the future.

In the first chapter of the book, Ax says in his narration that Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Marco are all currently of age to be attending high school. However, the publication of The Answer offered a definite answer to the question of age.


The Separation

Full review here at the thelibraryladies. Plot: Rachel is out on a field trip when she drops a piece of jewelry into the ocean. Of course, this means she must morph the starfish she spots. On her way back out, some rude little kid cuts her in half with a shovel that kid needs to be hunted down, just like Mean! Rachel thought, but mostly its due to the fact that hes the reason we had to be exposed to this book. From there the chapters alternate between Mean!


The Great Animorphs Re-Read #32: “The Separation”

Edit Rachel is falling apart. One more Rachel, to be exact. Rachel is an okay person to have around. But two could be considered overkill. Especially two Rachels with completely opposite personalities: one is pathetically weak; one is super strong and super nasty. Now the Animorphs have to figure out a way to put Rachel back together again. Rachel the super bold will try to single-handedly take him down.


Adam: Well, nobody ever said that being a single parent would be easy. They could be listening and Jake would go totally, totally nuts! As in Jake, your cousin? You always make me feel better. Can you come tomorrow? I have to talk to you.

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