Upon publication, it sold over , copies. The title character, an old Acadian washerwoman, embodies Acadian language and culture. The theme park, which celebrates the uniqueness of the Acadian dialect, culture and history, brings tens of thousands of visitors annually to a tiny town of less than A prolific and important Canadian, her work focuses on Acadian experiences both contemporary and historical and is written in Acadian dialect, which, largely unintelligible to most Francophone ears, is based on language patterns from ancient France. Some were sent across the Atlantic to France.

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Previous Next A collection of monologues by Acadian author Antonine Maillet, published in and performed on stage as a one woman show. La Sagouine inspired many theatre productions and television shows. A symbolic character of Acadian culture, La Sagouine is well known throughout Canada and francophone Europe. After having sent some of her writings to Radio-Canada , Maillet eventually offered to tape some of them herself.

The broadcaster was hooked. Thus began work on the book that through its monologues tells of the simple life of La Sagouine, the daughter and wife of fishermen who became a charwoman. The English translation appeared in But, the audience, charmed by this unaffected woman who talked about the real things in life, decided otherwise! The play, was subsequently adapted for television by the CBC French network in In , Connexions Productions and its Acadian producer Phil Comeau, made a new television adaptation.

She played the role more than 2, times. If they were all pieced together they would make up a performance of about 11 hours with no logical sequence, so it is necessary to make selections from the texts each time the play is presented. She carries within herself "the riches of Acadia and its promises. The park has actors in period costumes, music, dances and dinner theatre. On average, more than 60, visitors tread the soil of Bouctouche to learn more about the Acadian people and their history.

Through the years, La Sagouine became a spokesperson for Acadia, proudly contributing to the spread of Acadian literature.


Antonine Maillet

A prolific writer of more than a dozen plays and almost 20 novels, Maillet published her second play, Poire-Acre, and first novel, Pointe-aux-Coques, in Her works celebrate the dialect and heritage of the Acadian people. After the success of her play La Sagouine ; tr. The latter won the Prix Goncourt, bringing her overnight fame in France, where it sold over one million copies. Maillet has famously remarked that with the publication of the novel she "avenged [her] ancestors. Her novels, often reworked for the theatre, fuse adventure, desire, frustration, agony and joy to offer a new image of the original Acadia, restructured to fit an epic vision. She presents a simple event conflict between two characters, a collective struggle to conquer the land, the long trip back to the homeland , rich in every kind of development.


La Sagouine




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