Check out the Rest option in the Inn and more Talk Master. After, back track, Rest, save your game and go south. You will enter 2 fights consecutively. If you wish to do some diving, go ahead and do it. You will be rewarded with a choice for another ending if you do so.

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There were other media releases based on the game, including the comic Ar tonelico -arpeggio-, the OVA Ar tonelico, and several drama CDs. However, it was released in very limited quantities only in France, Italy and Spain and as such European copies of the game are rare and the very existence of the PAL-version remained widely unnoticed.

However, the ideas and universe of the game were established since around , when the director and father of the series, Akira Tsuchiya, was still in college. Additionally, the people were divided in two races: the People of the Sky and the People of the Sea. Later on, after Tsuchiya began working at Gust, he took the first chance he was offered to direct a game, back in the , and began making one based on the world he had made back in college.

This was different from the current Ar tonelico as well: the protagonists were two girls called Decibel and Mallet, the spells were called Bels and were created by synthesizing various types of Orgel Discs together. Finally, Tsuchiya saw his golden chance when in he was offered again a chance to make a game, and leaving the music composition and arranging roles he had serving at Gust ever since he joined the company in the hands of fellow musicians Ken Nakagawa and Daisuke Achiwa, he began working in it with all his efforts.

This time, Tsuchiya created the concept of Reyvateils and redesigned the world setting to be as we currently know, always being inspired by the songs of Akiko Shikata, Haruka Shimotsuki, and Noriko Mitose.

After the world setting was completed and the game was at a decent level of progress, Tsuchiya began asking personally to the singers that had inspired him for their collaboration in the project, as well as being introduced to Yuko Ishibashi, who he asked to sing for the game as well.

All of the singers were glad to accept the offering, and thus, the team that developed Ar tonelico came to be. The game itself was made and runs on a modified version of the engine used for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, while the sprites were mostly taken from the ones used for previous Gust games, excepting for some ones that were created especially for Ar tonelico, so they share the same visual style that has characterized the Atelier games from Atelier Judie and until Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

Gameplay Exploration Field maps Players may explore dungeons and other areas by moving in any direction and jumping. Depending on the abilities of the Reyvateils in the party, various spells can also be cast to light candles, remove obstacles, and trigger switches. Enemy creatures may be encountered at random as the player explores an area.

A gauge in the lower-right corner of the screen indicates the likelihood of encountering an enemy, as well as the number of random encounters remaining in the current area. Once enough battles have been fought to empty the gauge, no further random encounters will take place until the player leaves and returns to the area.

Town maps Each town presents several points of interest that may be reached by selecting their name on a menu, then navigated like a field map. Additional points of interest may become available after certain conditions are met.

World map The world map provides a 3D view of the world, which lists all of the locations currently accessible by the player. Most previously visited locations can be reached simply by scrolling the map to its entrance, then choosing to enter it.

Battle Ar tonelico features a turn-based battle system akin to those of the Atelier Iris series, in which two groups take turns executing commands until one has the hit points of all its members depleted, ending in victory if the player party depletes the HP of all the enemies, and a Game Over in case the opposite occurs. The active party consists of up to three Vanguards in the front and one Reyvateil in the back. An action can be chosen for each fighter as their turn arrives.

An action bar at the top of the screen indicates the turn order for every character and opponent involved in the battle. Vanguards may choose to attack the enemy, skip their turns, use a skill, use an item, or to Guard the Reyvateil, the last being available only when an enemy prepares an Stored Attack. A successful defense grants the fighters an option to mount a devastating counter-attack at the cost of one harmocrystal, which the number of hits and total power of the counter depending on how many circles surrounded the Reyvateil and how many Vanguards were allowed to counter-attack the enemy.

If the attack required all three vanguards to be blocked and all of them counter-attack the enemy, the last one performing the counter will execute a special attack known as the Super Counter. Harmocrystals are activated when the Reyvateil and the rest of the party work well together, a measure of which is represented by the two Harmonics bars at the bottom of the screen.

Harmonics improve with each successful attack from the Vanguards, filling the blue bar, while guarding the Reyvateil and merely maintaining the Vanguards active gradually fill the pink bar, but the blue bar decreases whenever an enemy lands a successful attack. The number of active Harmocrystals affects the number of counter-attacks the party can mount, the skills available to each Vanguard, as well as the types of items received at the end of a battle, and having two active Harmocrystals also changes the normal attack of each Vanguard into a more powerful version of itself.

A higher level of Harmonics also allows the Reyvateil to sing faster. Instead of attacking directly, she supports the party by using Song Magic.

Her MP will decrease as long as she is singing, and stopping the Song will cause her MP to recover over time. Red Magic can be charged for any length of time before being released onto the enemy as an attack, whereas Blue Magic immediately takes effect and continues to remain in effect as long as the singing continues.

Both kinds of magic become progressively stronger as the Reyvateil continues to sing the same Song, and power up faster with each incremental level of Harmonics. Stopping or changing the Song will cause the next spell to begin powering up from its basic level. The charge level of the current song is shown by the Burst Gauge at the right of the Reyvateil, which also controls the rate at which each particular Song Magic has its level raised.

At the end of each battle, experience points are awarded to all party members regardless of whether they participated in battle, and extra points are granted to those who gave the final blow to each enemy. Dive Points are awarded to all Reyvateils currently in the party, which can then be used for Diving. Items are awarded based on the number of activated Harmocrystals at the end of each battle.

Each enemy has a potential of dropping up to 4 items, with the fourth item usually being the most desirable. The Diving experience shares many similarities with Japanese visual novels, which puts great emphasis on dialogue and character development. The player spends Dive Points to enter different locations within the Cosmosphere. In order to enter deeper levels of the Cosmosphere, the player must improve their relationship with the Reyvateil by gaining Dive Points from combat and watching Talk Topics with her while resting at inns and camps.

Despite being similar to a visual novel, the objective is not to date the Reyvateils, but to help them resolve their inner doubts and concerns. Doing so will allow the Reyvateils to craft new Song Magic as well as unlock new outfits, which acts like improved equipment in battle. Said outfits, called Costumes , serve as representations of the many facets hidden in the personality of the Reyvateil, and aside of changing her stats, hey also change their appearance in-battle.

Plot Phase I The game opens by explaining to the player part of the backstory of the world of Sol Ciel: a long time ago, the world used to have both an abundant sky and land, but after the two large catastrophes, the Grathnode Inferia , and the Reyvateil Rebellion, the world lost its land and sky.

The surface of the land was completely covered by the Sea of Death , and the sky was sealed off by the Blastline. Those who survived these catastrophes had to cling to the Tower of Ar tonelico and the floating landmass of the Wings of Horus to survive, and lost much of their technology and knowledge due to this.

We are then shown that the Floating City Platina is under attack by unknown viruses. Then, Lyner Barsett, the main character and other of the Knights of Elemia, rushes into the scene, and after asking his father about the situation, he attempts to run to confron to viruses.

However, Leard berates him for trying to go without waiting for the Tower Administrator, Shurelia, which would be against orders. Shurelia then shows up, and orders Lyner to accompany her to confront the new type of virus. Due to this, Lyner and Shurelia are forced to run away while Ayatane stalls the virus.

Then, Shurelia explains to Lyner about the Hymn Crystals , and gives him a task: go to the Lower World and find the Hymn Crystal Purger , which is the only thing that could defeat the virus. However, shortly after the airship took off, Lyner was shot down by the demon of the Blastline, a dragon called Sleipnir.

Lyner crashes into the Viola Forest , in the Wings of Horus, gets ejected from his airship, and is left on the brink of death. However, he was saved by a Reyvateil who witnessed his airship crashing, called Aurica Nestmile , and after secretly healing him with her Song Magic , she ran off. Lyner then woke up, faintly remembering that someone saved him, and after making sure he still had the Hymn Brooch, he ran off to see if he could find the remains of his airship.

He managed to find it, but to his dismay, someone else was trying to see if the airship could be sold off as scrap. Lyner berated the unknown man, and after he rudely told him that anyone who found it would keep it, he went off. Lyner got disappointed that the rumors about the rudeness of the Lower World people were true, and then he began going off in the direction of the nearest town.

To be continued Sol Ciel is part of Planet Ar Ciel , and is one of the three regions that survived the catastrophe of the Grathnode Inferia. This particular region consists of the living Tower of Ar tonelico and the Wings of Horus, a landmass connected to the lower portion of the Tower.

Additionally, the world itself is divided in two parts: the Lower World, which encompasses all the areas in Sol Ciel below the Teru town of Em Pheyna , known for its small towns and not being considered to be very technologically advanced; and the Upper World, which encompasses all the areas of the Tower above Em Pheyna, is very advanced, and the Floating City of Platina is even considered to be a holy sanctuary by the Church of Elemia from the lower world.

The Tower exists at the center of the world and is made from technology that was available prior to the world-destroying catastrophe known as the Grathnode Inferia. There is little land left after the two catastrophes of the past, so people have become increasingly dependent on Ar tonelico. The Tower functions much like a computer program, and is susceptible to viruses, which are emerging at an alarming rate to wreak havoc on both the upper and lower worlds.

They are designed to resemble humans in every way except for their lifespan and their ability to communicate with the Tower. All Reyvateils are female regardless of their birth history. There are three different types of Reyvateils. Reyvateil Origins are the original Reyvateils who were created with a specific purpose in mind. They have a perfect connection to the Tower. They are mortal, though they still live significantly longer than humans; approximately years [7].

The last type, Third Generation Reyvateils, are born from relationships between humans and Reyvateils. Due to the strain that the power of Ar tonelico puts on their bodies, they tend to have naturally short life spans of only 14 to 20 years [8]. There is a life-extending agent called Diquility that can only be produced by the Church of El Elemia and the Tenba Conglomerate , but it must be applied every 3 months, and the cost of obtaining it is prohibitive.

Consequently, many Third Generation Reyvateils choose to join one of the above-mentioned organizations in order to obtain Diquility for free. Characters Ar tonelico has eight playable characters, but many more are important to the storyline. The main protagonist is Lyner Barsett , a Knight of Elemia who fell from Platina when attempting to destroy one of the viruses, who was then saved by a reyvateil, Aurica Nestmile.

These two become very important characters, and the player must interact with them on a regular basis by conversing and Diving in order to progress through the game. Haruka Shimotsuki , Takashige Inagaki and Akiko Shikata and Haruka Shimotsuki also contributed composition and arrangements for several of the songs and Hymns in the game. Hymns and Song Magic are powerful, and can be used for killing and healing. Therefore, unlike many other games, the songs form an integral part of the gameplay and story.

As well as the choral Hymns, the soundtrack features a variety of musical genres ranging from rock, electronica, industrial and rap to ethnic, acoustic, orchestral and folk styles. Opening theme.


Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

Samugul You can go check them out for items. Floor 6, continue on and an item on the way. Keep it in mind that Syureria got 5 Cosmo Sphere Levels in total and you can dive in like usual. You will be rewarded with a choice for another ending if you do so. After, go back to that oldman.


Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel – Guides and FAQs

Vohn Now, at the Department, you can get some new items. Go left and take the lift up. Go north and then east and reconnect the cables. They also forget that the players stats, gear and levels depend entirely on how the game is played. Another item on the way, as well as another warp at the end. Make sure to make any healing items if you need them, then head for the Dive House.


Equality PDF

You can use the options to change character levels, character parameters, add money, set flag events, and create completed saved game files. Battle Enthusiast Bronze : Fight and win battles. Battle Lover Bronze : Fight and win battles. Battle Maniac Bronze : Fight and win battles. Coward Bronze : Run from battle times. Destroyer Bronze : Empty the Encounter Bar 25 times.

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