Music Expert B. Green is an expert on classical music and music history, with more than 10 years of both solo and ensemble performance experience. Attila, Prologue Attila the Hun has successfully invaded Italy. In the conquered city of Aquileia, Attila and his warriors celebrate their victory. A group of captured women is brought in amidst the celebration. Odabella, the leader of the women, shouts to Attila that they will forever be loyal to Italy and will always defend their country.

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Composition history[ edit ] Giuseppe Verdi Verdi had read the ultra-Romantic play in April , probably introduced to it by his friend Andrea Maffei who had written a synopsis.

These included reversing the order of key scenes and, in the case of the opening scene showing the foundation of Venice, totally inventing it. Then came the second blow: Solera left the project altogether and followed his opera singer wife to Madrid where he became director of the Royal Theatre, [7] leaving only the draft sketch of the third act. Performance history[ edit ] 19th Century Overall, the reception from the press on opening night was not as positive as that from the audience present.

One production in Como is recorded to have taken place in , after which the opera appears to have disappeared in Italy, at least. The opera was first given in New York City in There was a Rome revival a year later, then productions in Trieste in , in Buenos Aires in , in Berlin in , and in Attila was performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in Florence.

From onwards the role of Attila was taken up by the American bass, Samuel Ramey , who made his first appearances at the New York City Opera in March in the opera which had not been seen in the city for one hundred and fifty years. Ramey again appeared in the title role in a production staged by La Scala in and filmed for DVD release.

Jaap van Zweden conducted; a recording and broadcast followed. The Metropolitan Opera mounted its first production directed by Pierre Audi on 23 February conducted by Riccardo Muti, who was making his house debut. Verdi: Attila. Teatro Massimo, Palermo Role.


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Attila (opera)


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