Retrieved 12 April In a sense, the melody almost becomes a secondary line here, the counterpoint primary, gushing with energy and providing plentiful sunshine. Retrieved 29 March Valet will ich dir gebenChorale for Organ. Organ Music for Passiontide. All works by Bach.

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One of the reasons I chose to pursue the organ rather than piano was the joys of congregational singing. For me, there is very little more exciting musically than a room full of people raising their voices together in song accompanied by the organ. The hymn singing at both of these conferences did not disappoint. I think I heard someone describe the three volume levels of conference singing as sing, stun and kill!

Whether it was new music or old standards, everyone at the conferences sang gustily every time they were given the chance. When a congregation sings well, the organist has many more liberties in what he or she can play.

He is a fabulous hymn player, so I asked about taking lessons from him. Hymn playing is easy. You play anything but what is on the page! With daily worship during AAM , there were plenty of opportunities to experience such fabulous hymn playing in addition to some excellent choral singing.

This was my first AAM conference, and I plan to attend next year when the conference will begin literally in my back yard with a pre-conference day in Winter Park and Orlando before moving over to Tampa.

Unfortunately, I missed the hymn sing led by Richard Webster on Sunday evening. As described last week , five competitors performed two improvisations on themes given to them with 30 minutes of preparation time.

The organ full stop list here is in North German Baroque style, and this fact proved to be one of the larger difficulties for the candidates. The themes for the first task a chorale fantasy, partita, or suite were the hymn tune Burns by Bruce Neswick , the chorale Puer nobis , and the chant Pange lingua.

We had one improvisation each using the hymn and the chant. The other three candidates chose the chorale. Given the style of the instrument, a partita or fantasy in German style seemed the best match for music and instrument, however the final candidate managed to secure a spot in the finals with a delightful suite in French style on the hymn tune! This is where some of the candidates started running into problem both from a composition stand point as well as using the instrument to convey their ideas.

Most American improvisers are used to playing on instruments with pistons for registration changes. This organ did not have pistons. Unfortunately, many of the techniques and favored dispositions of this style can create hiccups, burps, tremolos and all sorts of other unhappy sounds on an instrument with unstable wind like this one. In discussions with other audience members, it seemed like the last three candidates would advance to the finals, however the judges selected candidates 2, 4 and 5.

Competition results can be a mystery sometimes and sometimes the differences between players can be subtle, so while I was surprised by the selection, I also was not surprised. When I arrived at St. Cecilia Church to hear the finals, we were told that one of the competitors had withdrawn. We later found out that he had returned home the day before to be present for the birth of his child. As he was a strong contender, I was disappointed that he was unable to compete in the finals, however, his excuse was completely understandable and acceptable.

Both finalists chose to use the Vaughan Williams hymn tune. The second candidate and winner also included Valet will ich dir geben. For the second part, we heard an improvisation on the literary passage and one on the artwork. Where the second competitor truly outshone the first was in the abundance of thematic material.

Hardly a moment went by when there was not something heard that could not be tied closely to the theme. This difference continued in the second improvisation as well.

While there was no musical theme implied by the selected improvisation subjects, the second competitor basically began with a clear statement of a melody that might have been played by a fife accompanying the army across the river.

He then proceeded to vary and develop this theme, once again providing us with a piece with thematic material clearly stated throughout. Second place was awarded to Douglas Murray and Patrick Scott received the audience and first prizes. These two weeks were a change of pace for me as well as an opportunity to be exposed to some different ideas. Part of continued growth is the opportunity to relax and discover new material.

If so, check out their performances to see if you can gain any new ideas. Wishing you a relaxing summer of fun and learning!


Bach - Valet will ich dir geben BWV 735 sheet music for Organ

Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Valet will ich dir gebenChoral for Organ. Dig hymn by Melchior Teschner. Complete Organ Music [Box Set]. Herberger remained, however, and in the end he was often the only person, along with the gravedigger, who interred the corpses. The Complete Organ Music, Vol. Views Read Edit View history.


Fantasia super Valet will ich dir geben, BWV 735

Organ Works [Box Set]. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The melody Teschner wrote for the hymn does not really match the emotional charge of the words, as was common in the seventeenth century. Views Read Edit View history.


Valet will ich dir geben, BWV 736 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)



Valet will ich dir geben


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