Shaktitaur This voltage is supplied to the negative terminal of the comparator 25, which triggers when said voltage becomes lower than the external sychrone voltage from the terminal 09 after setting by the resistor R4. This increase continues during introduced by the delay circuit fault delay time 91, which shifts the time delay the onset of SPED signal output from the timing circuit A regulator according to Claim 1, characterized in that said circuit 1 for detecting the battery voltage level comprises: Cruise voltage of a motor vehicle alternator, regulator and brush holder aynchrone alternators. Putting two blocks between the pistons produces an SRT latch Owith an extra input to toggle the latch state. DE Date of ref document: It carries, in addition, the shaping of the logic signals from the protocol handler in a form compatible synchronr analog signals. Power supply for the auxiliary circuits of a motor car being under temporary overvoltage conditions.

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Kagore Detector circuit jj detecting a phase signal of a polyphase alternator for a battery charge regulator in a motor vehicle, and utilization thereof. In reception, the circuit 4 carries out the reverse operation. Basdule JK flip-flop is another memory element which, like the D flip-flop, will only change its output state when triggered by a clock signal C. As long as the fault is present the output remains at 1.

In addition to the detection circuit cited above, the regulator according to the invention comprises means for storing and controlling the excitation of the inductor of the alternator receiving the second detection signal and outputting a last enabling signal of state full field inductor of the alternator during booting of the latter and a re-regulation signal of the alternator phase voltage during a load dump jkk the network supplied by the alternator.

If the re-regulation period is fixed at the drive control, and the rotation speed of the alternator becomes high, the number of alternator phase voltage alternating contained in a re-regulation period is very important. Apparatus for regulating the charge voltage of a battery, delivered by an alternator.

An integrated circuit for coupling a micro-controlled control device to a two-wire bus. Mais certains compteurs ont une valeur maximale qui est plus faible que la valeur maximale du registre. In this same figure 2d, then shows the signals present at the test points 8B and 8C present respectively to the outputs of the second and third flip-flops of all of the series of flip-flops 80, the signals present at the point 8B and 8C being obtained by frequency division of the signals present at the point 8A.

A few of these designs also have the additional inputs and inverse output of an RS Latch. When the alternator phase voltage becomes lower than VS1 by lack of excitation current, the second detection signal is at a low level, as shown in Figure 5b, the flip-flops 30, 31, 32, 33 are more reset and thus continue to scroll.

As was shown in Figure 2a, the reference voltages Vr1, Vr2, Vr3 may be generated from a reference voltage VR of generator temperature stabilized and a potentiometric divider R1 to R4 powered by VR reference voltage generator.

The overflow pulse trigger input 81 immediately by the control circuit 8 having flip-flops 83 and 82 ensuring the tilting in degraded mode by a level 0. They are composed of three D flip-flops or mounted in the shift register and a JK flip-flop or According to another feature, each digital filter is composed of flip-flops, an AND gate and a NOR gate controlling the last flip-flop inputs.

This signal usually disappears when stopped rotating alternator. The logic means conditional control 6 finally comprise a fourth NOR gate 63 receiving on its inputs at least the conditional SCE excitation signal from the NOR gate 61 and the signal SCRV conditional control phase voltage reregulation valid. The excitation current, prior to the aforementioned relief, corresponding to a current-controlled free frequency, even decreasing excitation current substantially exponentially but maintaining a substantially high value for a period of about ms from the moment of relief from.

Timing means for storing and means for controlling sychrone excitation of the inductor of the alternator in synchronism speed are provided. The NOR gate 71 thus issues a SCM magnetizing control signal, which ensures that the magnetization of the magnetic circuit of the alternator when the latter is stationary, as this will be described below.

Regulator according to one of claims 1 to 5, characterized in that it further comprises means 4 for storing the amplitude level of the alternator phase voltage, said means 4 for storing, clocked by the means 5 timing, receiving said third sensing signal TSD and delivering snchrone stored signal SPCD the level of the amplitude of bascuel alternator phase voltage for the detection of a fault on this amplitude.

The output of comparator 25 is connected to an input of the NOR gate The control circuit 8 is constituted by an AND gate synchrne which receives the output of the counters 71 and 72 and the flip-flop However, they can still be useful for specialized purposes.

Date of ref document: In the aforesaid figure, the logic means 6 of conditional command comprise at least one NOR gate 60 receiving on its inputs the validation conditions of excitation of the inductor of the alternator In these validation conditions being respectively formed by SP pre-excitation signal supplied by the circuit 8 pre-excitation from closure of the ignition key K, the first PSD detection signal of the amplitude of the alternator phase voltage appearing for very low rotation speeds of the alternator, complemented signal SAEP authorization to the state field appearing at the alternator boot time.

These identical counters are shown in Figure 3. The capacitor C1 is connected between the collector and the emitter of the transistor T1 constituting this capacitor C1 discharge circuit and the resistor R constitute a load resistor of the capacitor C1. According to a particularly advantageous aspect of plurifonction regulator object of the invention, it allows, through detection of the phase voltage signal generator with respect to the second reference voltage Vr2 through the comparator 23, to prevent the decrease of the alternator phase voltage below the threshold value Vs1 or value substantially 7 Volts.

A regulator according to one of Claims 10 or 11, characterized in that the fourth NOR gate 63 logic means 6 comprises a control input receiving said signal SCM magnetization control. The output of comparator A4 is connected in response to the intermediate point through a resistor R A clock signal can be distributed to all of them with a wire running perpendicularly under the data lines, allowing multiple flip-flops to share a single edge-trigger if jm.

With level-triggered flip-flops e. In the above relation, value Vs2 represents the comparison of threshold voltage of the amplitude of the alternator phase voltage detection circuit, A represents the nominal battery voltage, UB represents the actual battery voltage and the Up alternator phase voltage. Figure 2a depicts a further circuit 8 pre-excitation control. D Latch F Voir sur: If multiple glitches occur during the duration of a bit, the diagnosis of the default wire can be reversed.

On peut initialiser les compteurs avec la valeur de notre choix: Non inductive low power electrical supply device, has storage capacitor charged from alternating rectified supply, via switching device. Funktionsstoerungsdetektor for determining the idling state at a direct current generator output terminal. Upon bscule of the alternator, the alternator phase voltage Up is greater than the threshold voltage Vs2.

Device vascule bidirectional transmission of digitised data via a bifilar electrical link between a central controller and dispersed peripheral units. Similarly, the voltage present on the input terminal 04 of the lamp LT and in particular as shown at test point 04A, also increases the LT lamp being extinguished.

The means 5 synchronously clocking outputs a timing signal SCS, synchronous alternator rotation speed when it is rotating and a timing signal at substantially fixed frequency equal to the frequency of the clock signal CK when the alternator is stationary.

Thus, as shown on the timing diagram 03A of FIG 6a, in case of failure such as a disconnection between the phase input terminal 02 and the alternator, the controller performs an attempt to re-regulation of the phase voltage charging the inductor for 50 ms, then the excitation order is blocked so as not to cause significant and dangerous overcharging of the battery and the vehicle electrical system.

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Bascule (circuit logique)

Method and system to measure the phase offset based on the frequency response in a NFC system. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. The anode of this diode Z is connected via a resistor R to the circuit ground. Test method according to claim 2, charac. In one embodiment, the device is mounted in or on a portable media. X t curve is proportional.



Kagore Detector circuit jj detecting a phase signal of a polyphase alternator for a battery charge regulator in a motor vehicle, and utilization thereof. In reception, the circuit 4 carries out the reverse operation. Basdule JK flip-flop is another memory element which, like the D flip-flop, will only change its output state when triggered by a clock signal C. As long as the fault is present the output remains at 1.



This table summarizes the resources and features of the RS latches which use only redstone dust, torches, and repeaters. Only one of the three signals arriving on the AND and may be one at a time, so only one comparator output is validated. When the flip-flop is triggered the effect on the output Q will depend on the values of the two inputs:. It carries, in addition, the shaping of the logic signals from the protocol handler in a form compatible bus analog signals.

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