The operating system is stored in a 16 MB flash memory. For all the other things, OpenWrt remains the best option. Unlocking and firmware installation procedures are described in various sites. One example is OpenWrt dedicated wiki page for HG This post will describe the ultimate debricking procedure: writing bootloader via JTAG. After an unsuccessful firmware update and a forced restart, my router became completely unresponsive.

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Insert your routers IP address normally Your Line stats DMT shows you your current line stats from your router. With adsl the figures we are normally the most interested in are the first 3 downstream figures. Bit rate - Your sync or connection speed. Attenuation - reduction in signal strength quality and directly related to the length of your line. The lower the figure the better the line. This figure should stay static.

This figure is subject to fluctuations of Noise. The higher your SNR Margin, the better the signal strength to background noise. ADSL fast path - Will either be fast or interleaved, depending if interleaving is switched on or not. If your SNR Margin drops too low then your connection starts to become unstable. You will likely see CRC etc errors and errored seconds and your connection may drop.

For more information on SNR see my line stats page. Changing your Target SNR. Each time you connect, your router will try and sync at the highest speed it can whilst still allowing a safe margin of SNR to allow for normal noise fluctuations that occur over the course of the day.

Please note that this method is not fool-proof because lines that have a good overhead of SNR and are able to sync at the full kbps or with Interleaving , will show a higher figure anyhow. Sometimes your Target SNR may not be perhaps quite the best for your line and you may wish to change this yourself, by either increasing your Target SNR to improve stability of your line.

Or it may be that your SNR Margin is normally very stable and you want to see if by bringing your Target SNR down you can perhaps get a bit more speed. The slider is not entirely accurate, and because each line is different then you will have to experiment.







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