Do you no longer have use for your land? Would you simply like some cash for your land? Are you tired of wasting money on taxes and dues? Are you not sure about how or where to sell your land?

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A book used by a huge range of people from those with the most idealistic motives to those who have no other motive than simply wanting to get filthy rich. Members of state legislatures and celebrities with well-known names are using this book to build their stature and promote their interests Entrepreneurs swear by it because it promotes their products and services to targeted constituencies who can buy and benefit from their babies.

Entertainers, charities and nonprofit organizations of every kind, even budding revolutionaries have all found in these pages the secrets they need to influence their publics.

And, not surprisingly, hundreds of authors and publishers have found here exactly what they need to sell more books. This is the most detailed book ever written on how to get all the free space you want in the print media Updated ways Dr.

Use this book in conjunction with the other 6 books in my Entrepreneurial Series. Find out more at www. There is no other reason not to be rich, really rich, from selling services. And this book proves it. Here in the next 16 chapters, you get precisely what you need to create the process that provides all the prospects you need to become a millionaire selling your service. This is no idle claim on my part, either.

For the last fourteen years, I have helped literally millions of people launch, develop and maintain businesses that have delivered their financial objectives. I continue to achieve this objective here. In the pages of this book, I stand forth as your consultant. I shall be urging you, prodding you, even occasionally angering and infuriating you to become the consummate — and most successful — service seller possible. Like many people who read my material, you may find the necessary tasks exhausting I do not offer some magical road to success like many less scrupulous "how-to" practitioners..

Here you start breaking away from the service sellers whose businesses run them to become the future millionaire who uses your business to make money. You know about having to plan your work and work your plan.

This is the process you must go through before you write any marketing communications. They just write. There are 11 more chapters in this money making informative book. Learn more What Are People Saying? Some of those within these verses are celebrated while others are skewered with stiletto worldly wit. For those who savor this saucy synopsis, any other history will be a spiceless ordeal.

Lant has bought his mastery of the written word with his unique style in his latest publication. Much to my delight this is what I found in his latest work. Jeffrey Lant continues to amaze me with his exquisite writing and so on point with Duende, as he would say and clearly this is such a beautiful reading.

It definitely lifts the soul with a fresh breath of life.


Books by Jeffrey Lant

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Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. My program on consulting, sponsored by Oklahoma State University, was the first university program to be broadcast from outer space. The initial broadcast went to over 30 universities. Over the course of many years, I have written books on a wide variety of important subjects. These subjects include business development, marketing, copy-writing, publishing, nonprofit fundraising, public relations, and consulting.

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