With the secure application architecture, organizations can centralize applications and data in secure data centers, reducing costs of management and support, increasing data security, and ensuring fast, reliable performance. Build and maintain a scalable, cost-effective, and secure enterprise application delivery infrastructure with expert advice from the Citrix Product Development Team. The book also includes in-depth coverage of advanced troubleshooting techniques, disk and memory tuning methods, and security strategies. Deploy Citrix XenApp across a large enterprise successfully Understand the network bandwidth requirements of server-to-server communication, and communication between Access Management Console and servers Secure remote access with Citrix Access Gateway Administer and customize Citrix Password Manager Maximize the capabilities of Citrix Conferencing Manager Secure Citrix XenApp using certificates, encryption, and smart cards Configure Virtual IP addressing, PDA synchronization, and SpeedScreen browser acceleration Gain insights from Citrix eLabs server load and capacity hardware testing Read more Collapse About the author Citrix Product Development Team engages in the design and development of application virtualization technology solutions that enable secure, on-demand access to information and applications. Read more.

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Page: View: The ultimate troubleshooting guide for clear, concise, and real-world solutions to a wide range of common Citrix XenDesktop problems About This Book Explore the XenDesktop architecture and work with various troubleshooting tools that every Citrix admin should know about Discover how to troubleshoot performance, VDA registration, and NetScaler integration issues A fast-paced troubleshooting guide to help you identify and resolve any kind of problem you might face while working with Citrix XenDesktop Who This Book Is For Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop is targeted at Citrix Administrators or Citrix Engineers who are working on Xendesktop and want to learn tips and techniques required to deal with the issues they face in their day-to-day life.

A working knowledge of core elements and concepts of Xendesktop would be an added advantage. Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop is a single resource guide that will help you dig deep into all the technical issues you encounter to resolve them using an autonomous and well-defined approach. The book starts by walking you through the XenDesktop architecture and the troubleshooting toolkit for Citrix XenDesktop.

The subsequent chapters will help you identify possible causes of various types of Citrix XenDesktop problems that may arise while installing, configuring, or troubleshooting day-to-day problems. You will also be dealing with the most common and important VDA registration problems that you might often face while working with the XenDesktop product suite. Additionally, you will resolve issues that arise while launching Citrix sessions, troubleshoot performance issues, and learn how to integrate Citrix NetScaler with your XenDesktop environment.

Style and approach This book is an easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide with real-world examples of resolving XenDesktop issues. Each chapter is focused on a specific troubleshooting area, giving you the time to learn about and apply relevant tools and practices to troubleshoot the problems using a systematic approach.

Konstantin Cvetanov.


Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts



Citrix XenApp™ Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide


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