Shelves: librarybooks Primordium is a city full of chaos and corruption run but by an empire that enjoys the decadence and gore of everything. When an assassin-for-hire named Zarles Kreiger kills a Senator, he meets up with the daughter of the killed Senator who introduces him to a creature who transforms him into a monster. Want to read more? Check this out for yourself and find out. This was a pretty good and weird horror novella from Clive Barker. The Illustrations are awesome too.

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We supply the monsters. These are technically amazing and the sheer level of detail is extraordinary. These figures represent the creature that both obsesses you and repulses you simultaneously. These are figures you put in a dark place in your house, probably with some votive candles, to haunt a corner in your home.

The idea is that somehow or other the artist knows what all these details are. The Fix, the character hanging with the bloodbag, you will look at that thing for three hours and still find things that disgust you.

On his own, Todd could not have done this. Together we can. People are grasping for imaginative extremes and they are appreciative of that. The Cenobites had a little bit of skin pulled here and a nail in there. Now we see tham transformed, and each of them has new functions.

As they are physically transformed, so they are transformed within the world in which they find themselves. I suppose each story is a little morality tale, perhaps that would be the best way of putting it, connected by the theme of transformation.

I think that will be strengthened when you have that little piece of back story because that will also strongly help you create an ambience around them. Since he began to put these things out, I started to think it would be kind of fun to get into this area and make some characters of my own. Thompson, online at newtimesla. It was really a back-and-forth thing. He came up with some ideas, then I came back with some ideas, and it just worked out. There will also be a group of folks who look at these and wonder why they have to exist.

We will market these toys to appropriate venues for appropriate ages. We are not foolish enough to think that any one idea that we come up with, that any category at any time is going to appeal to everybody. Five figures were ultimately released: Venal Anatomica, Agonistes, Scythmeister, Talisac and, additionally, Lucidique Brad Gould McFarlane staff : "We, here at the Daily Update, have been bombarded with requests to show the inch Tortured Souls out of the packaging and standing next to each other, sort of mingling as if they were at a Tortured Souls cocktail party.

You say you want this because, from the photos I posted of these bad boys in their packages, Talisac looked smaller than the others.

These are inch figures, right? Thus the name, "Tortured Souls inch Figures," and Talisac is 12 inches on the nose, from the top of his tortured head to the bottom of his tortured soles, so to speak. The illusion comes from the fact that, while Talisac is the required height for this series, the other Tortured Souls are, in reality, inch Tortured Souls! Yes, the others turned out much larger than the one-foot we advertised Will you be happy that the others are larger than they should be?

Or will you bemoan the fact that Talisac, while being the full 12 inches, is smaller? Think about it. It will say a lot about who you are. Is the glass half empty or half full? In essence, Venal Anatomica and all 12" figs in this limited series are 2-Ups for the masses. Everything on the original Venal is here: same articulation head, shoulders, upper forearms, thighs, and wrists , gory detail, and demented accessories.

The latter being his real metal chains and detachable translucent head dome. Although we were all made to wait a little longer than anticipated to see Camille Noire, Feverish, Suffering Bob, Szaltax and Zain in stores, due to untimely shipping problems, they made it in time for Christmas ! Brad Gould McFarlane staff : "Todd and Clive Barker are a pretty good match as evidenced by the fact that the figures and story for Tortured Souls was a pretty edgy, yet highly acclaimed series.

Then there is the movie on which Todd and Clive are collaborating. If ripped flesh and impaled limbs are your cup of tea, this series will be right up your alley. The first series was optioned for film by Universal Studios. McFarlane and Barker went back to their drawing boards to come up with a new series of figures even more twisted than the first. The result? Tortured Souls 2, a further redefinition of human flesh as canvas.

Many of you view this omission as highly suspicious. The fact is, the toy creators in New Jersey do everything possible to have accurate representations of our figures ready for Toy Fair. Most of the prototypes we display in New York give a good picture of what the final product will look like. Even those that still need some work like Alien are accurate enough, providing attendees with a clear picture of what they can expect. There are times, however, that we know the prototype is going to go through several more revisions.

Such was the case with Moribundi. What I am going to display are pictures of the original sketches of Moribundi. Below are two sketches that are pretty representative of how the toy currently looks. The sketch on the right was done first, and the one on the left is a revised version. As you can see, the most recent sketch is a bit more severe than the original.

Are we moving in the right direction on this figure? I think we just might be. Until then, this will give you an idea of what the mysterious Moribundi looks like. To herald the release of the series McFarlane went the distance with online promotion, including carnival posters and studio and in-packaging photos for each character as well as an extensive online feature.

Head across to Spawn. These are the stories of who these people are. They used to bring the circus to Sefton Park in Liverpool every, I guess, summer and it was the grand, old, probably Chipperfields. And the smell of it and this kind of scary ambience of it - the clowns used to freak the hell out of me.

Of the three sets, these are easily my favourites. Just because they seem to jump much more from a personal dreamscape than the others do.

What I mean by that is: Tortured Souls 3 is shaping up to have more of the creepy-spooky feel of the first series as opposed to the gross-out nature of the second. At least that is how it is looking at this point. However, things could change one way or another or even head off in a totally different direction by the time all is said and done.

A similar, but seperate creation. Look at it this way, from now on there will be multiple creations from the minds of Todd and Clive to help fill your horror needs. McFarlane message board post, note - online at www. More importantly, you now know the actual names of the characters that will be making up this line And, of course Bethany Bled, a prisoner - of her own making, mind you - in the torturous contraption known as the Iron Maiden, a claustrophobic device of sharp steel and impending doom.

How, you may ask yourself How and why? The answers are unknown but to her and I have no doubt in my mind, as dark and twisted as it may be, that the reasoning behind such an act would only serve to increase the delirium you are now feeling.

Oh, no. Not quite. There is still more to show you, another fiendish freak with whom you are already slightly acquainted. A beast who would just as easily rip your arms from your soft, weak, meaty body as opposed to being subjected to your gawking, probing eyes The Golem Elijah, safely, or so we assume, contained within his circular cage. Step Inside! The King of All Showmen stands before you with a devilish grin and blackened heart and the twisted troupe of misguided souls which he leads on an Infernal Parade [which] will be coming your way.

Last week I gave you a sneak peek at the lovely take my word on it Bethany Bled, who for reasons unbeknownst to anyone at this particular time and place, including men and women with intellects far superior to that of common man, has the unenviable task of being the prisoner in the Iron Maiden, a medieval torture device that seems to be nothing more than the statue of a woman. The inner walls are lined with sharpened spikes which impale the occupant, or shall we say victim, as the doors are closed.

Very intriguing indeed. Of course, once again, things may not be exactly as they seem. Who is Tom Requiem? Who is the man behind that wicked smile and fiendish makeup? Is he really a King? If not, why does he claim to be? What wickedness lies beneath his skin, buried deep within his nightmarish soul, scratching, pleading, waiting to be unleashed on the world around him?

What tales could he tell of days long gone and lives yet lived? First on the list is the ringleader of this twisted procession of freaks and deviants Say hello to Tom Requiem, king of all showmen, and his right-hand man, Clovio I guess, technically, Clovio should be referred to as Mr. This collection of oddities in various jars has a very strange, some might even say sad, history, the full details of which are unknown to anyone but the good Dr.

Fetter himself. The particulars


Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium

Edit The first named character introduced, Agonistes is a mysterious manipulator of flesh. He is an ancient entity that was possibly created by God. It is he that turned Krieger and Lucidique into monsters. Lucidique Edit Daughter of a senator, after witnessing his death she shows Zarles Krieger where Agonistes resides.

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Tortured Souls

We supply the monsters. These are technically amazing and the sheer level of detail is extraordinary. These figures represent the creature that both obsesses you and repulses you simultaneously. These are figures you put in a dark place in your house, probably with some votive candles, to haunt a corner in your home. The idea is that somehow or other the artist knows what all these details are.

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