He started his literary career as a translator, in particular, of science fiction. In an interview, he said that being a businessman at the time and thus familiar with marketing, he knew how to sell, and indeed, he won the 3rd prize. Sapkowski has created a cycle of tales based on the world of "The Witcher", comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. This cycle and his other works have made him one of the best-known fantasy authors in Poland in the s. Geralt exists in a morally ambiguous universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. A film by the same title was compiled from excerpts of the television series but both have been critical and box office failures.

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Actual rating: 1. I may or may not be a teensy little bit pissed off right now. The ranting is strong in this one. Consider your little selves warned. Yes, I know, I read this book wrong. This series started out with one of my mostest favoritest awesomest amazingest Fantasy book ever, aka The Last Wish.

But Actual rating: 1. My thoughts exactly. That, my dear Gertrude, is called a complete and total rip-off. I thought that this instalment was actually much better than the previous two at first. The plotline was all over the place and the structure of the book a total mess, which was, you know, not entirely satisfactory and stuff. Then feminism started committing suicide over and over again. The way women are portrayed in this book is simply delightful. Thank you so much, Mr Sapkowski, for offering us such a sharp, acute, splendid, expert, flawless depiction of the gentler sex.

I mean, all you need to know about women is beautifully summed up here: they are either evil sluts or treacherous bitches. Or evil bitchy sluts. Or treacherous slutty bitches. They are also quite remarkably frivolous. And one-dimensional. And superficial. This is all so extraordinarily accurate and so fabulously point on I might faint any second now. I mean, we all know that all women care about is bitching about each other. And bitching about men. And discussing men.

And fighting over men. And shamelessly trying to seduce men while wearing barely-there, virtually nonexistent, see-through clothes.

And hooking up with men. And bitching about other women who spend their time either discussing men or fighting about them or trying to seduce them while wearing barely-there, virtually nonexistent, see-through clothes, either before or after hooking up with them. Something just occurred to me yes, it hurt. Very badly! He probably forgot about it. Yeah, he must have. Besides, the men in his story have better, much more important things to do than worry about silly clothes.

They do great, serious, manly things and stuff. They have no time to waste on foolish frivolities. Something just occurred to me again if I keep this up I might end up in the E. Her name is Ciri. Sapkowski wanted to make her a badass. So he gave her a sword.

And masculinized the fish out of her. And now we come to the part of the book I loved most. Because this crap here? And Sapkowski saved it for the very last pages of his charming tale. How sweetly kindhearted of him. And now I am going to spoil the fish out of this book, so beware. To summarize. Ciri is about to get raped by Kayleigh. Luckily enough, Mistle comes to the rescue and chases the loathsome creep off.

And what does Mistle do next? And now excuse me while I shoot my little self in the head once more. I am so done with this crap. The end. No, I will not be reading the rest of this series. The end again. Whoever said writing reviews was cathartic is full of shrimp.


Andrzej Sapkowski

Plot[ edit ] The story in Time of Contempt begins where the previous book left off. The Northern Kingdoms are secretly preparing a provocation that would give them a pretext for war with Nilfgaard. What the kings do not know is the fact that the Emperor is aware of their plans and is preparing his armies too. Once they arrive in Gors Velen, Yennefer goes to see her old friend Giancardi Molnar, a dwarven banker.


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