I thought Charlotte a strong, capable character and a good match for Kieran. I like that while each book is about different couples getting their HEAs, there is also an underlying story line that ties all the books together in this case ultimately freeing the fae trapped in Piefferburg. And boy, with that story line, things are heating up. There is a bit of a cliff hanger ending, book 4 had better wrap everything up. Dark Enchantment is the 3rd book of the series and it is the best book of the series thus far. Charlotte Bennett is a human whose father hates the Fae.

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In her dream state, she decides to let loose, letting pleasure and desire lead the way. Under his order, she must find the last piece of a powerful relic. Only Charlotte knows the location of the bosca fadbh, but the knowledge is hidden deep within her bloodline—and only wicked magick can draw it out. Forced to work with the enticing Kieran, she finds it hard to escape their seductive chemistry. She lay on her side in bed, eyes slowly coming open, the remnants of an amazing nocturnal adventure still clinging to her mind.

In adulthood her dreams had a tendency toward monotone colors and were about as interesting as the act of folding towels. This dream had been real enough to make up for a lifetime of black-and-white snorefests. She rolled onto her back, stared at the ceiling fan over her bed, and groaned. Apparently her body was trying to tell her something. That man! Longish dark hair, muscular build, strong jaw, deep brown eyes, hands that— The phone rang.

She closed her eyes for a moment, cursing it inwardly. Just a few more minutes cuddled under the covers, immersed in her dream would have been nice. Ah, well. Charlotte sat up a little. Is that you? Panicked by the only reason her boss would be calling on a Monday morning, she glanced out the window—daylight-bright, she now noticed—and then at the clock. Shock rippled through her. I guess my alarm never went off. Remarkable, really. That would be crazy. No, we just wanted to make sure you were all right.

Hand washing was so important. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. It was now almost ten thirty. Her in-box would be growing more unmanageable by the moment. She stopped with her hand on the doorknob, the low, shivery voice blowing through her like a breeze.

That had been the voice of her dream man and it had been coming from. Blinking rapidly, as she did when she was nervous, she scanned the kitchen to her left and the formal living room to her right. Then she peered up the stairs to the second floor. All was calm, silent. The house was empty. She gave her head a shake. The problem with being a capable employee was that your boss had lots of confidence in you, and that was a double-edged sword.

She paused in the entrance of her cubicle and stared at the pile of work for a moment, sighing. Everyone had to pay their dues, and she was no exception. He studied her for a moment. She stopped herself from lunging at her desk. I have complete confidence in you. By the time early afternoon rolled around, she felt caught up and prepared to consult with their client. Knowing she must also look prepared, she headed into the bathroom with her makeup bag and examined her face in the mirror.

With hardly any makeup, her face looked white and gaunt. That accomplished, she set her glasses aside and worked on her makeup. Then she stood back and took a critical appraisal of her clothing. Frowning, she saw the top two buttons of her shirt were undone. She corrected it, put her glasses back on, and gave herself a critical head-to-toe sweep. Marginally better. She gave her shirt one last downward tug to settle it more smoothly in place and smiled at herself in the mirror to practice for the meeting.

Grabbing her makeup bag from the counter, she walked to the bathroom door. She stopped short, her entire body going cold. The voice of her dream man again. At work. In the bathroom. Oh, God, was she going insane? Charlotte, come to me. Images flashed through her mind. An airplane ticket, destination Protection City, Carolina. Piefferburg was the huge warded detainment area where the fae were kept imprisoned by the Phaendir.

With the flashing images came a nearly irresistible compulsion to leave work right now. Drive to the airport right now. Buy a ticket to Protection City right now.

All of a sudden she had to get to Piefferburg, no matter what. Dropping her makeup bag onto the floor since it no longer mattered—nothing except getting to Piefferburg mattered—she went for the bathroom door. If she hurried, she could make it to Protection City by evening.

What was she doing? Anyway, she had no reason to drop everything and fly to Protection City, Carolina. Even less reason to go to Piefferburg. The fae? No way. The grief of that still lay heavy in her chest and the nightmares had forever linked the fae with it.

No, she wanted no part of the fae. They were right where they belonged and she had no wish to consort with them. She was quite happy to live all the way across the country from that place and nothing was going to force her there. Still, the compulsion lingered. She gritted her teeth and furrowed her brow, fighting it.

It eased a little, and she sagged against the door. What was wrong with her? She just needed a little time to sit down and think, analyze the situation. Feeling suddenly sick, she backed away from the door and leaned down to pick up her makeup bag.

Just then Erica, one of her colleagues, came into the bathroom. Her pale face had taken on a distinctly greenish hue and she was covered in a light coating of sweat. She blinked rapidly, searching for a response. Charlotte, you cannot ignore me. Come to me now. Compulsion filled her once again. The only thing that kept her from bolting for the door was her willpower. Should I call someone? Are you all right?

You should go home, Charlotte. Go home? In the middle of the day? She touched her forehead and found it warm and feverish. Letting go of the counter and not bothering with her makeup bag, she lunged for the door and raced all the way back to her cubicle. Her watch showed it was exactly one twenty. Past time to get to the conference room. Scooping her papers into her arms, she raced across the office toward her destination. Strong compulsion filled her.

She fought it, but this time nothing stemmed the tide of must. Right outside the double doors of the conference room, she dropped all her files.


Dark Enchantment (Dark Magick Series #3)

A native of one of the colder states, she loves to ice skate and watch hockey. She has fascination for crows, ravens and birds of prey. She enjoys the study of Eastern philosophy, Celtic myth, dreaming, and shamanism and occasionally incorporates what she learns into her paranormal stories. She works part time as a data base editor and French translator. She lay on her side in bed, eyes slowly coming open, the remnants of an amazing nocturnal adventure still clinging to her mind. In adulthood her dreams had a tendency toward monotone colors and were about as interesting as the act of folding towels.


Dark Enchantment




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