I liked Tanis in this book, and their oversized friend, and that was about it. Oct 17, Walker rated it liked it 2. Jul 12, Joe McLaughlin rated it did not like it So boring and slow. Sep 09, Jim C rated it liked it This book takes place in the Dragonlance world.

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Shelves: classic-fantasy , enjoyable , fantasy , i-recommend-it , love-it , part-of-a-series , saga Tas. Do I need to say more? Why I love Tas? Innocently honest, openminded, funny. The kind that every story needs, the mischievous trixter who - in this case - never means any harm but trouble follows where he goes As for "Wanderlust", it is not the best of Dragonlance Saga, but Tas. As for "Wanderlust", it is not the best of Dragonlance Saga, but it is good.

Of my three favorite characters in the saga, it features one - Tas. Looking forward to the next book in the series, that should feature also my other two favorites - Raistlin and Kitiara. In my opinion Tas, the Kender, is probably the best addition to the companions. If not tge best, then certainly the most interesting.

The curious Kender. Responsible for not only getting them into trouble, also for getting them out of it. Enough about Kender. I enjoyed this book for its further character development and for the exploration of lore, Elven lore, including Sea Elf lore, Dwarven lore, and of course, Kender lore.

It interests me how each society Introducing Tasslehoff Burrfoot. It interests me how each society developed, their history, culture etc. Another thing that I enjoyed, was a couple of plot twists. Plot twists that changed the story from a normal rescue mission, to a far more challenging one. En este caso los personajes no se ven demasiado desdibujados, pero lo cierto es que la historia es intrascendente y completamente ajena al resto de la saga.


Steel and Stone

The parts about Caramon and Raistlin are very good as they shed light on their childhood and their unique relationships with each other as well as Kitiara which gave it an extra star. The parts about Kitiara were disappointing though. Her character is very unique and has the potential to have very intriguing plot built around her. Too bad the plot fell short. It was like reading a couple of disjointed trivial short stories. Kit led a tough life and wanted nothing more than to adventure away from her boring home life, find her missing father and become rich and powerful. The pace did slow down a bit once she became enamored by a passing royal during one Well Kitiara, considering how you were in The Chronicles, this origin story took me by surprise.


Dragonlance: Meetings Sextet Series



Series: Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet


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