Features operational with a minimum of programming. It is which provide the security system design flexibility and completely programmable from the keypad. The panel Page 3 PC connection screw into cabinet from the back. Page 4 AC power to the PC Page 5 Green wire Incoming line from battery post.

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Read this manual carefully and become familiar with the operation of your Security System. Your installer will tell you which commands listed in this manual apply to your system. The label provided for the inside of the keypad door can be used to record which sensors are on each zone.

It is only intended to alert you in case of an emergency and should not take the place of prudent security practices or life and property insurance. To do this, first inform the monitoring station that you are testing your system. Then, with the system disarmed, activate all detection sensors one at a time and observe the zone light come on at the keypad as each sensor is activated.

The PC can be programmed at the time of installation to automatically perform a test transmission to the monitoring station on a regular basis. If the system has not been programmed for this automatic test, call the monitoring station for instructions on how to perform a test transmission.

See the Trouble Display section in this manual for a description of the different trouble conditions. Contact your installer for assistance if the trouble condition cannot be located and corrected.

Your Security System is made up of a control panel, one or more keypads, and various detectors and sensors. The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility room or basement. The metal cabinet contains the system electronics, fuses and stand-by battery.

There is normally no reason for anyone but the installer to have access to the control panel. The keypad s have an audible indicator, display lights and command entry keys. The keypad is used to send commands to the system and to display the current system status.

Keypads are mounted in convenient areas close to the exit-entry doors. The security system has up to eight zones or areas of protection. Each zone used will have connected to it various sensors, such as door or window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors and vibration or shock sensors.

When a sensor is in alarm, a keypad light will be on to indicate which zone is in alarm. The Master Code will be supplied to you by your installer. All keypad entries are made by pressing one key at a time and may be changed by you at any time if the installer selects an option. For additional access codes, see Programming Additional Access Codes. Enter a [4 digit access code]. As each digit is entered, the keypad sounder will beep. When the correct code is entered and the system is armed, exit through the door indicated by your installer as the exit-entry door.

The exit time may be changed by your installer please refer to the Quick-Arm feature. Arming and Commercial Installations When an Access Code is entered to arm the system, the bell or siren will sound a short tone to indicate that the system is being armed.

If your security system is programmed to report to a monitoring station, the keypad will also sound a tone to indicate that the monitoring station has been advised of the arming of the system. If the system is being armed and the bell or siren fails to sound, or if the keypad does not sound a tone to acknowledge that the monitoring station has been advised of the arming, arrange for service for the system.

If you exit within the allowed exit time, the system will automatically reactivate the interior zones. This feature is designed to save the user from having to manually bypass interior zones each time they wish to arm the system and remain at home. In residential applications where the system has been armed and the interior zones are automatically bypassed, the interior zones can be reactivated from a keypad outside the interior zones protection area e.

An entry through any zone programmed as a delay zone will create an instant alarm. To arm without entry delay


DSC PC2550 User Manual



DSC PC2550 Instruction Manual


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