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Andrey V. Majoring in art history, he is an expert on avant-garde modern movements and medieval church fresco decorations. She is best known for her black and white images of female celebrities and icons, including the likes of Britney Spears, Claudia Schiffer, Christina Aguilera, Milla Jovovich, Monica Bellucci and Rihanna[1].

As it was clued at earlier, this artist directed short films for numerous fashion designers and music videos featuring various celebrities. It should be noted that Ellen von Unwerth earned a living as a model her early twenties, dedicating about ten years of her life before finally turning to making photography.

Ellen von Unwerth — Milla Jovovich. Her childhood imagination and creativity ended up taking her all the way to a job at a circus where she was an assistant for a magician. She performed regularly in several magic acts as she was nearing her high school graduation.

Around the time she was twenty years old, Ellen von Unwerth became a photographic model and relocated to Paris. She remained in front of a camera for about twenty years and even earned accolades, including being on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

However, Ellen did not enjoy the static feeling of simply following instructions and posing for a picture, she always felt that a lot of freedom was missing. This all changed when her boyfriend bought her a camera, after which von Unwerth started to develop her own artistic skills.

Her evolution as an artist eventually led her to a photo shoot in an African country — when these pictures were published, Ellen immediately found her new passion and established herself as a household artist. Von Unwerth created numerous print ads with a brand new model named Claudia Schiffer.

Effectively, this photo series made both the model and the author a star. Technically speaking, the work of Ellen von Unwerth ranged from black-and-white images to very colorful glamor shots, all beautifully composed. In , she won first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography. For the next five years, Ellen worked with the icons of the celebrity world, taking pictures of Madonna and Drew Barrymore among the others.

All through the s and s, Ellen was very active in other types of media besides photographing, but she still maintained her visual style regardless of the chosen medium. She began directing music videos and released three photo books that featured some of her most eclectic works — the most successful ones were Snaps in and Couples[1] in Ellen von Unwerth spent almost the entirety of her life developing the art of fashion photography either as a model or as an author Ellen von Unwerth — Eva Green in Glamour Italia August — Image via bp.

Ellen von Unwerth lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. References: Sischy, I.


REVENGE by Ellen Von Unwerth



Ellen von Unwerth: Revenge: Ein Sado-Maso-Märchen



ISBN 13: 9781931885140


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