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Shelves: fictions This book is hard to rate. As exegetically-based theology meant to clarify an eschatological position it is ZERO stars. And if you did so, and gave this five stars, have you ever read the Bible? The "hermeneutical principles" this book This book is hard to rate. The "hermeneutical principles" this book espouses are utterly and ironically abandoned by the author by chapter 8 if not a little before that.

How so? And, as you can imagine, the church fathers and everything they did is utterly dismissed because Augustine was a tad too allegorical at times. As it turns out, he has crafted neither. First, at one point starting on page Pentecost literally ADDS to scripture by inserting M Dashes into verses not because the context of the original manuscripts suggests that such typography is suggested or warranted but because it makes a better case for his own eschatological argument: "There are many places in Scripture in which this passing over of the present Dispensation is very plainly evident We give a few by way of example, placing this -- mark to indicate the parenthesis of this present Dispensation, which comes between the previous Dispensation of Law and the next Dispensation of Judgement which is to follow this Present Dispensation of Grace..

Isa ix. He, himself, engages in almost no "exegesis. Talk about being literal! Yet he gives himself a pass on expository exegesis! And what does he come up with? What is his "literal" interpretation? As the age progresses several facts are to be observed. That which was to be an herb has become a tree—it has developed into a monstrosity. But here you were, thinking the Kingdom of Heaven was a Good thing! That it starts small but grows and that all the birds of the air all of the world will find comfort, peace, and truth by resting on its branches!

Pentecost makes the same claim about the leaven which leavens the whole loaf and even the hidden treasure! He in no way bothers to exegete but eisegetes his own presuppositions onto the text and then projects this very same practice on his critics! So what, ultimately, is the issue? Pentecost displays dispensational eschatology as that which does not confess Jesus as Lord.

Additionally, Pentecost is profoundly dishonest in other ways. For one, you could read this entire book and not actually know that Jerusalem fell and that the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Lastly, Pentecost is incredibly dishonest with his deployment of scripture. If one turns to the scripture index in the back of his tome one will discover a list of verses that would rival those found in whole systematic theologies! But as one reads it becomes utterly clear that Pentecost is using verses like bird shot, loading and spraying them without any care or consistency.

While it IS acceptable to occasionally reference a chapter and verse parenthetically without direct quotation, Pentecost will simply add strings of these references signaling to the reader that "all of these verses support MY reading!

Please, please, please, read your Bible. Read other perspectives. Use this for a paperweight. Though large pages , the book includes a detailed table of contents arranged in outline form, giving it a good reference for encyclopedic use.

This book is very important for understanding not only the premillennial position but also the proper method of biblical interpretation, to which this book dedicates its first of seven sections.

For the study of the premillennial position, the author first gives the posttribulation and midtribulation rapture An excellent book on biblical eschatology. For the study of the premillennial position, the author first gives the posttribulation and midtribulation rapture theories, then the pretribulation rapture theory is given along with biblical reasons why the Scriptures support the pretribulation theory as well as reasons why the other theories do not fit in the Scriptures.

The book also covers sections on the biblical covenants and eschatology, prophecies of the tribulation period, prophecies related to the second advent, prophecies relating to the millennium, and prophecies of the eternal state.

After all, the book was copyright Nevertheless, the book stands worthy of its place on the bookshelf of every believer in Christ because of its worth in the study of biblical eschatology.


Eventos del porvenir de J. Dwight Pentecost

Terminal correspondiente Android, iPhone, iPad, PC You which can download this ebook, i allow downloads as a pdf, amazon dx, word, txt, ppt, rar and zip. There are many books in the world that can improve our knowledge. Dwight Pentecost. This book adds the reader new training and experience. This online book is made in simple word. It prepares the reader is easy to know the meaning of the contentof this book.


Eventos del porvenir: Estudios de escatología bíblica



Descargar Eventos Del Porvenir, J.Dwight Pentecost




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