We started with Shane Black. Then we tackled the dynamo writing duo of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Genre: Sci-fi Premise: In a dystopian future, Firefighters start fires instead of put them out. The Shawshank Redemption is one of those examples of screenwriting perfection. It does a lot of things most writers would tell you not to do. Darabont is easily one of the most respected writers in town.

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A modern-day rendering of the novel has been in the works for quite some time. Darabont actually got his hands on the project back in , but various reasons have delayed production from starting. Now the project suffers loosing its lead. Darabont told MTV, "Mr. Hanks sadly and regretfully had to back out. I was really looking forward to working with him again but his other commitments just precluded it.

He had to take a step back. With the gravity of the story, there are only so many actors that can carry such a film. Hanks is certainly one of those candidates. I wonder whom Darabont has in mind next? George [W. While the story escaped me in school, it sounds riveting. He got to show a more versatile side in Unbreakable and Sixth Sense so depending on how Darabont chooses to interpret Guy Montag, I think Willis might be able to pull it off.

Also, Adrien Brody would be very interesting in a Darabont-project! Andreas Climent on Mar 29, 2 I just finished teaching this book to my 10th-grade English Honors students. Willis definitely has the chops for it, but dare I even say it? I can kind of picture Hugh Jackman as well.

Ooh, what about Nathan Fillion? Scotty B. What a mistake that would have been. Mike on Mar 29, 4 One of my favorite novels and he wants to make it into a Bush Derangement Syndrome movie.

Control of what exactly? In the age of the internet when everyone, including this nit, is free to say anything they please, he is going to butcher a great story to make a film based on his whacko personal political prejudices. Another bomb in the making. It sounds like it came from a press release. I think it lives well to this day because high school classes show it. Truffaut was a great director as many film enthusiasts can tell you.

Darabont has a spotty record. Charlie on Mar 30, 6 Great book! Read it in high school! Frank Darabont is an excellent director and in my opinion, he did a great job with "The Mist".

Things always happen for a reason. Mike post 3 lists some pretty interesting choices. I recall reading a while back that Mel Gibson was in talks to star in this flick. I can picture Gibson in this rolethat could also be pretty interesting. I just really hope the producers select the right guythis will be very crucial to the success of this flick. If chosen, this could be the role that propels him to superstardom. McAlister on Apr 2, 10 I remember reading Fahrenheit for the first time in high school, around the time that the computer game Privateer 2 came out.

Ten years later Though I gotta admit, Edward Norton would be pretty good too. McAlister, I totally dig your choices! He usually plays the "down on his luck" guy, who ends up persevering in the end.

Or maybe Jim carrey His face was in my mind while I was reading the book. And I feel he is at a perfect time in his career for a role like montag. Norton could pull it off, his age is problem. The really good choices are all too old. Hackman as Beatty is great. Sean Connery as Faeber? Jrrartist on May 16, Sorry, no commenting is allowed at this time.


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The Producers of Frank Darabont’s FAHRENHEIT 451 Answer Some Questions


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