Drill the holes. See fig. Fit the screws at the bottom, but leave loose. Lift the CUE up on the screws. Move the CUE against the wall, and fit the screws at the top. Tighten all four screws.

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Drill the holes. See fig. Fit the screws at the bottom, but leave loose. Lift the CUE up on the screws. Move the CUE against the wall, and fit the screws at the top. Tighten all four screws. Page 6 See the pedestal kit instructions for further Note information. By means of a pedestal option , the CUE can also be mounted on the floor. Mark the mounting holes on the floor. Page 7: Electrical Connection The circuit breaker is type B.

The total leakage current of all the electrical equipment in the installation must be taken into account. The leakage current of the CUE in normal operation can be seen in section Page 8: Connecting The Signal Terminals 6.

The gland plate must be fitted to the CUE to ensure the specified protection degree as well as to ensure sufficient cooling. Drill holes in the marked areas. Page 9 6. Page 10 6. See Fig. Page Connecting The Signal Relays 6.

See the example in fig. Page Emc-correct Installation Connect the screen to frame at both ends for both motor and signal cables. If the controller has no cable clamps, connect only the screen to the CUE. Page Output Filters Fig. The cable between the CUE and filter must be short Fig. Frequency converter and filter installed close to the well Fig. Page Operating Modes 7. Operating modes 8.

See section The differential Operating mode Description pressure is reduced The pump is running in the control mode at falling flow rate Normal Page Menu Overview It is also possible to see the latest five warnings and alarms. It is not possible to change or set values. Here a Page 16 2. Value field Use the startup guide for the general setting of the CUE including the setting of the correct direction of rotation.

The startup guide is started the first time when the CUE is connected to the power supply. Page 19 Select "Other" if the pump family is not on the list. The CUE will give an alarm if the control mode selected requires Constant pressure: Constant flow rate: a sensor and no sensor has been installed.

Page 21 It is possible to interrupt the test and return to the previous display. See the installation and operating instructions of the pump. Page 22 State if the direction of rotation is correct. The correct direction of The direction of rotation is not rotation has now been set.



When motor technology is combined with advanced pump design and the addition of speed control, Grundfos ensures superior system control, reduced day-to-day service costs, and lowered environmental impact. Grundfos was instrumental in the drafting and passing of the EuP Directive, setting the ecodesign requirements for electric motors for the European Union. As a technological leader of high-efficiency motors, Grundfos was invited to help with the technical aspects of the legislation. Grundfos was able to create political awareness of the huge savings potential of variable speed motors and, at a late stage, influence the decision makers to include variable frequency drives in the new legislation. Our ability to get our knowledge of energy optimisation and of the issues facing customers taken into consideration by researchers, opinion leaders, politicians and partners means we are uniquely placed to offer solutions that keep Life Cycle Costs down, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase the sustainability of the pump system or solution.


Grundfos CUE Installation And Operating Instructions Manual


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