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But these classes have been invaluable. They have helped me correct so many mistakes as well as providing significant insight on our Sikh history. We attend as a family and have fun along the way. Our ustad is great with kids and adults alike and great to be around. A little nervous so far away from home, we were soon put at ease by the friendly Scottish and Malaysian sangat. Seriously, they never stopped smiling! The kirtan was amazing, the atmosphere, relaxed and chilled.

We played football, bare footed, learned yoga and gatkha. But most of all, met the most amazing sangat. A truly life-changing, life-affirming experience. When I started, I struggled to read Punjabi and Gurmukhi but after only a couple of months, I find myself reading fairly fluently consistently. The classes are fun and enjoyable and the teacher is really friendly and helpful.

Arun I attend weekly with the whole family, changing my work pattern to accommodate the lessons. Our ustad is cheerful, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. Naminder As a teenager, I attended Punjabi school for a few months only, learning just the basics. Like so many of my generation, now in their 40s, I struggled to read Punjabi and Gurmukhi seemed out of my reach completely. So when the santhyia classes where introduced at the gurdwara, it seemed the perfect opportunity to learn something so priceless.

For me it is so easy to get caught up in everyday life and all the worldly things that take me away from Naam. SGGS Santheya has transformed my life in the most positive way! It is soul food that keeps me grounded and brings me closer to everything that matters.

I simply cannot convey the importance of this in my life. It is weekly meditation that gives my life meaning. Gursinder Kaur It is only as a result of this class that i have learned to read Gurmukhi, prior to these classes I had very limited knowledge. Reading Nitnem in Gurmukhi gives me so much positive energy. Thank you so much to all who helped bring SGGS to us!

Amrit Kaur This course saved my life, I was suffering from severe depression but the reading of Gurmukhi was more efficient than any medicine.



Nitnem Audio — Daily Naam. More by Gurbani Ucharan Sign in Already have an account? By mahandulai Started 18 hours ago. The app is audible and has been translated to English, and Hindi along with Gurubani. So Reciting gurbani or shabad is always good but doing it for specific number of days and at specific time is not a rite thing to do.


Equality PDF

Akigul Santhiyz take it from me. Go look at the videos I posted. What more do you want. By Guest Guest Started Saturday at They even do not accept Jap Sahib as the authentic bani they say it is transdlation of some Strotam in praise of sun. Music videos are not good and will put wrong things in your head especially with all the fat ses twirking on your screen.

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