GXT3 2000RT230 PDF

These features can minimize any surges or interference present in the mains power. In either operation mode, the UPS inverter is online, continuously generating clean, precise, regulated AC output power. AC input voltages may still Do not obstruct the air inlets on the front panel and rear panel of the UPS; blocking the air inlets reduces ventilation and heat dissipation, shortening the service life of the Liebert GXT3. Page Tower Installation 2.

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Make sure that the retaining latch is near the rear of the UPS, as shown in Figure Plug all loads into the output receptacles on the rear panel of the Liebert GXT3. NOTE 1. Do not overload any one output receptacle. Output cable length should not exceed 10m Plug the input receptacle of the Liebert GXT3 into the input power connection. To connect any cable associated with a Liebert IntelliSlot card, refer to the user manual provided with the card.

If the bypass is not available due to voltage or frequency, pressing this button once will be ignored. The indicators can be divided into two groups according to their applications: level indicators and UPS status indicators. Table 5 shows the symbols and their meanings. Page Operation 3. Once the inverter LED has been illuminated, turn On the connected loads.

Check the status indicators to determine whether the Liebert GXT3 is operating normally. Power to the connected loads is now Off. After the UPS has been shut down as detailed in 4. These instructions are available at: multilink. Page Battery Mode Shutdown This timer cannot be stopped once triggered. If the mains power returns during this countdown, the Liebert GXT3 will still shut down and must remain shut down for 10 seconds. Whether the UPS turns back On when the power is restored depends on the auto-restart setting.


Vertiv Libert GXT3-1000rt 230 UPS - GXT3-1000RT230



Emerson Liebert® GXT3™-2000RT230


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