The server offers performance for value with new levels of memory capacity, processor performance, and flexible configuration options. Note: This product is withdrawn from marketing. The following figure shows the HS23E. Figure 1.

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This high density, high performance, single-wide blade server is ideally suited for medium and large businesses. Note: Unless otherwise stated, references to the BladeCenter unit apply to all BladeCenter unit types. The blade server comes with a limited warranty. For information about the terms of the warranty and getting service and assistance, see the Warranty Information document for your blade server.

If firmware and documentation updates are available, you can download them from the IBM website. The blade server might have features that are not described in the documentation that comes with the blade server, and the documentation might be updated occasionally to include information about those features, or technical updates might be available to provide additional information that is not included in the blade server documentation.

Note: The illustrations in this document might differ slightly from the hardware. The model number and serial number are on the ID label on the side of the control panel on the front of the blade server, and on a label on the side of the blade server that is visible when the blade server is not in the BladeCenter unit.

In addition, the system service label provides a QR code for mobile access to service information. The IBM Service Information website provides additional information for parts installation and replacement videos, and error codes for server support. QR code Important: Do not place the label on the blade server itself or in any way block the ventilation holes on the blade server. A set of blank labels for your blade server comes with the BladeCenter unit.

When you install the blade server in the BladeCenter unit, write identifying information on a label and place the label on the BladeCenter unit bezel. See the documentation for your BladeCenter unit for recommended label placement.



Two PowerXCell 8i processors at 3. It ran the Sun Solaris operating system from Sun Microsystems. It also provides outside connectivity via an Infiniband 4x DDR adapter. This makes a total width of four slots for a single TriBlade. To use the other switch module bays, a daughtercard needs to be installed on each blade that needs it, to provide the required SAN , Ethernet, InfiniBand or Myrinet function. Mixing of different type daughtercards in the same BladeCenter chassis is not allowed. In all cases speed internal to the BladeCenter, between the blades, is non-blocking.


IBM BladeCenter

All rights reserved. NOTE: Before using this information and the product it supports, read the general information in Section 5. Windows and messages might differ from those in this document. The term click is used to denote the use of a mouse to make a selection. Depending on the chassis type, an external DVD reader device. Supported hard disk drives.



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