Ian Taylor May 19, Formed in , Swedish brand, Konftel, has built a solid reputation as one of the worlds most highly esteemed manufacturers of next generation audio conferencing solutions for a wide variety of different business types. Throughout this article we shall be writing a review on one of their flagship products, the Konftel Wx, that explains the many features and benefits it offers to businesses and which types of working environments it is most suited to. Before we continue, however, we must inform all readers that we are not selling this product and any advice we give is just the professional opinion of individuals that have been working within the telecoms industry for a number of years. What is the Konftel Wx?

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The unit is turned off. It is possible to switch on the unit by pressing the same button again. The battery can also be recharged by plugging the power cable into the Konftel Wx. The Konftel Wx comes with a charged battery, but it may need recharging to full capacity depending on how long it has been in storage. A fully-charged battery provides talk time of about 60 hours or 20 days of standby time.

The Konftel Wx automatically switches to sleep mode after a 40 minutes of inactivity. Battery charger optional The optional battery charger allows for external recharging of one or two batteries. Charge status is denoted by the LED for each charging channel on the charger. The LED is red during charging and green when the battery is fully charged.

Note that both the base station and the Konftel Wx have to be put into registration mode. To register your Konftel Wx in other makes of base station, simply follow the same procedure.

If you have purchased a Konftel Wx with a Konftel base station, the conference phone will already be registered with the base station. You will only need to register if you have purchased the base station separately or are using a different make of base station.

The LED flashes rapidly. The base station is now in registration mode. Once registration has been completed, the LED will stop flashing.

If the base station does not identify a DECT phone within 10 minutes, the registration mode will switch off automatically. Please note that you must confirm all your choices by pressing OK. Four base stations can be registered in the Konftel Wx. If no base station has been programmed, choose no.

Numbers being used are indicated by a filled box. The Konftel Wx is now in registration mode and is searching for a base station in registration mode. Wait until you receive confirmation that registration has been completed. The base station has to be in registration mode. Registration can be interrupted by pressing. The Konftel Wx is now ready to use. Please see page 23 for other menu options and settings.


Konftel 300Wx User Manual



Konftel 300Wx - Wireless Conference Phone (840101077)


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