This is the first of 2 books about the Sutherland Brothers. Derek Sutherland is a shipping captain who has basically lost any and all hope. Nicole is the daughter of a sea-captain and the granddaughter of a marchioness. Nicole hears noises on deck and when she investigates, the saboteurs want to have a little fun.

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His sizzling kisses leave her longing, but after they share a night of passion, his subsequent disdain makes her blood boil. Nicole vows to take her revenge—by helping her father beat Sutherland in a high-stakes competition: the Great Circle Race from England to Australia.

And while her mind tells her she should escape, her body urges her to surrender…. Exhilarating energy emanates from the pages of this very smart and sassy debut. A brave, bold woman matches wits with a sexy, dangerous man in this irresistible and passionate romance. This stellar debut hums with sexual tension, humor, passion and conflict. Adventure, passion, a rollicking story, this book has it all.

An impressive debut. The dialog was fresh, the action was lively … I fairly flew through the pages. I must admit that was my first thought when I finished the last chapter of this rousing, adventurous, highly-spirited and sensual story by Kresley Cole. Debut, you say? Enjoy it! I certainly did! Kresley Cole brings back the adventure of the high seas with the passion-filled romance found between the free-spirited Nicole Lassiter and the super sexy Captain Derek Sutherland.

I found this page turner difficult to put down. It possesses every factor a historical romance should: history, passion, humor, romance, sexual heat and a stirring dialogue. Nicole is a feisty spitfire who longs for the open seas and for the love of a lifetime. No matter what she begins to feel for Derek, it becomes a matter of pride, determination and survival to beat him in the big race. With each page turned, readers come to care for the characters and greatly anticipate what Ms.

Cole has in store for Derek and Nicole and the outcome of the race. The clever Ms. Not only are the main characters strong, real and larger than life, but Kresley has the gift of character development that gives the reader an up close and personal view without stifling you with repetition of the mundane. Kresley keeps it fresh and suspenseful providing a great escape for the romantic adventurer inside of us all. Debut author Kresley Cole infuses her story with energy and passion, giving the book a life of its own… [It] is both deeply emotional and highly sensual, making it one fantastic debut.

I could not put this book down… Ms. Cole does such a wonderful job of getting the reader to care about the main characters, by the time they get on the ship, you want to set upon the seas with them. Nicole is a vibrantly strong heroine, with spunk and sass … a perfect match for the aloof and cold Captain. Derek warms up nicely over the course of the book, and you can see his transformation is due to Nicole. I really enjoyed their sparring, which made for some excellent love scenes.

The first love scene was daring, but I devoured it like a hot fudge cake sundae. Cole knows how to heat up a book! This lady cannot write fast enough to suit me.


The Captain of All Pleasures

I hurried on, but when I saw the woman, I knew it was too late. Jason Lassiter, of course, was the captain. All he cared about was his young wife. We struggled all night, and finally a baby girl was born. But they were too weak and within the hour both had passed away. Sutherland saw, too, but he looked surprised, as though grasping how little he understood about Nicole and possibly Jason. Just when I was about to leave, Nicole, such a beautiful child, ran after me.


The Captain

She could only imagine what words he used to impart the idea that he would throttle her if loose. Somehow, she prevented herself from shivering under that glacial look. She rifled through his desk and trunks for money, distracting herself from his fury. I think I will borrow some money. Your hospitality, your company always so generous. Was he in a lot of pain?



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