Life[ edit ] His father was a Norman financier whose name from birth was Carlet, but who assumed the surname of Chamblain, and then that of Marivaux. He brought up his family in Limoges and Riom , in the province of Auvergne , where he directed the mint. However, the young Marivaux concentrated more on writing novels than plays. These books are very different from his later, more famous pieces: they are inspired by Spanish romances and the heroic novels of the preceding century, with a certain mixture of the marvelous. His friendship with Antoine Houdar de La Motte introduced him to the Mercure, the chief newspaper of France, and he started writing articles for it in

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The master encourages them to get married with the thinly disguised attempt of keeping her as a mistress but paying Jacob handsomely. Jacob refuses to take part in this but is on the point of being forced to agree when the master dies. He leaves nothing but debts and the household is broken up. Jacob sets off for home, and on the way passes through the town. A lady has collapsed on the bridge and Jacob picks her up and takes her home before she dies of exposure or exhaustion.

She is the younger of a pair of pious middle aged sisters living together. The younger is so grateful to Jacob that she wants to help him, and Jacob is allowed to stay for the night. The interfering director their religious advisor does not like Jacob and stirs the elder against him. Eventually they decide to get married, but this results in severe opposition from the elder and the director who put every obstacle in their way, including an interview with the magistrate.

However Jacob charms the company, including the influential and attractive Mme de Ferval, and so the marriage is allowed to proceed. On the way home from the interview Jacob gets involved in a domestic dispute where a man stabs his girlfriend, leaving Jacob to pick up the sword and get arrested. He spends some days in prison before his innocence is established, and finally marries Mlle Halbert.

Mme de Ferval takes an interest in Jacob and recommends him to M. Jacob magnanimously gives up the offer provided the husband, who is very ill is allowed to keep the job. Mme de Ferval arranges a secret rendez-vous with Jacob, but the occasion is lost when a young officer bursts in thinking there was someone else there. Jacob realises the situation he has got himself into and the nature of Mme de Ferval and gets away. In another adventure he manages to save the life of a man who has been set upon by three villains.

An apocryphal suite has been written in which M. Jacob becomes wealthy and eventually his wife buys for him the estate in the village in which he grew up He therefore returns a wealthy man to meet his parents.

He has three children and he also brings up his nephews and all are settled in good positions. Eventually all situations resolve themselves happily.


Pierre Carlet de Marivaux

Levensloop[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Marivaux is telg uit een Normandische familie. Op tienjarige leeftijd verhuist hij met zijn ouders naar Riom , in Auvergne , waar hij op school gaat bij de oratorianen , en later verhuist de familie naar Limoges. In gaat hij in navolging van zijn vader rechten studeren in Parijs. Daar komt hij in aanraking met de moderne tijdgeest.


Pierre de Marivaux



Le Paysan parvenu


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