Linda Harasim is an expert in the field of online education Educational Background Ph. Other Professional History Dr. Harasim has provided consultancy services for a wide range of educational institutions and organizations, with especial focus on her expertise in online collaborative learning implementation, technology and research. Publications: Scholarly Publications Harasim, L.

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Educational Theory, University of Toronto, Canada. University of Alberta, Canada. Currently Teaching This instructor is currently not teaching any courses. Learning Theory and Online Technologies. Harasim, L. Hiltz, S. Redes de aprendizagem: Um guia para ensino e aprendizagem on-line. Editora Senac: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Redes de aprendizaje — Guia para la enseanza y el aprendizaje en red.

Barcelona: Editorial Gedisa, Spain. Cambridge: MIT Press. Global Networks: Computers and Communication. Online Education: Perspectives on a New Environment. New York: Praeger Publishers. Educational Applications of Computer Networks. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Education Press. Keynotes Harasim, L. What is the Role of Technology in Learning? And what does that mean for medical education? What is Online Collaborative Learning?

Why is it important? And how to easily enhance online medical education courses with these new pedagogies. Artificial Intelligence versus Online Collaborative Learning.

Harasim L. November, Sao Paulo, SP. November 15, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Evolution of Online Education. November Science and Technology: The future of distance education in Brazil and around the world. Aracaju, Brazil. Istanbul, Turkey, May Invited Presentation. Jacksonville, Florida, March Instructional Design or Learning Design? Which Approach and Why. Keynote Address at the National Conference on Education. Barranqila, Colombia, July.

Learning Networks and Learning within Networks. March 8, , Sao Paulo, Brazil. What the data tell us. Redes de aprendizagem on-line. Keynote at the University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil. Dallas, Texas, Nov. Elearning and Open Source. Keynote: Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nov. What the Data Tell Us. Keynote delivered to the Brazilian Association for Distance Education. Porto Allegre, Brazil, October. Indicators of Success and Champions of Innovation in Elearning.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 17, The Case for Collaborative Learning Online. A Snapshot of the State of the Art of Elearning. Seoul, Korea. June 10th. Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Keynote at The Empire Club of Canada. Toronto, ON, Canada. Montreal, QC, Canada. She has been studying pedagogical and network design related to online collaborative learning OCL since In , Linda Harasim designed and taught one of the first online university courses in the world, with Prof.

In , she developed Virtual-U, an online educational environment customized to support collaborative learning, which she used in her courses and to prototype new educational social media environments and tools until Professor Harasim began to develop the Collaborative Learning Theory and the research methodology of Online Discourse Analysis while at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education the University of Toronto during her work as a senior researcher and assistant professor from — In she moved to Vancouver, BC to continue teaching, research and design of online collaborative learning; and to build a theoretical framework for the field as well as to develop a research methodology based on Online Discourse Analysis at the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Between and , Dr. Her research during this time focused on online education in universities, studying online courses that used Virtual-U in Canada and the US. Harasim has written 6 books on the field. She has delivered over keynotes and presentations in 30 countries and has published hundreds of articles related to online education.


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A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. Please discuss further on the talk page. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Linda Marie Harasim, a "leading teacher, scholar and speaker on the theories and practices of online education, contributing knowledge, technologies, and practices to the field of technology-enabled learning," [1] is a pioneer leading theorist of online education. In Harasim designed and taught one of the first totally online university courses in the world with Dorothy E. Smith on the topic of women and computers in education.


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