Since Slann have Ld9, that means they are automatically the Army General unless you have more than one Slann or somehow have another Lord with Ld9 or above. What else, you ask? It allows you to forget a spell you successfully cast, and generate a new one out of High Magic or any normal Lore. This might be useful on a Scar Vet, or Old Blood to get it closer to the action. This lore provides even more durability to an already durable army, and can be potent enough even without Throne of Vines. Lizqrdmen when your magic strategy is based on lots of cheap spells.

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Vura This item is also Oldblood only. Tricky to use but could do great tricks. The 8e Lizardmen Handbook. GW again trying to push the newest box by making its model the cheapest.

A rather dull Magic missile that has some conditional moments of real use. Eight signature spells create a versatile package. I can definitely see this coming in handy on a TG unit engaged in close combat. With the Loremaster discipline on a Slann, and thus allowing you to get every spell from lziardmen lore, this is probably the best choice as Earth Ilzardmen, Flesh to Stone, and Regrowth keep your warriors in the battle and help mitigate their relatively small numbers.

Last edited by a moderator: Against most enemies, Strength 6 hits will perform noticeably better than Strength 5 hits. Remember that any good opponent will packing at least 1 Scroll so never depend on your first Dwellers working.

If your Saurus character or Skink Chief still has a few points left in his magic item allowance, you can do worse than them give this. They can fight in close combat, but not as well as a Carnosaur. The Obsidian Amulet is cheap enough that an Old Blood can take this to protect his unit without compromising the rest of his magical item selection.

A Terradon rider leans towards interference and a Ripperdactyl leans towards assassination. This one is less chancy and is great to use against low strength enemy characters like mages. Warhammer Army Book Dragonhelm — An inexpensive way to get another point of armor save when you want to conserve points and are planning on lizardken your character with a two-handed weapon.

A solid spell though with a rather large spread on damage. Saurus Warriors are good whether you go with spears or sword and board. Making it the true tank it should be why not cast it on a Stegadon instead? Our lone characters are usually on Rippers or Cold Ones anyway which also provides Immune to Psychology. Takes a chunk out of low Ld enemies and gives you a few bonus tokens, not too shabby, especially good on a Skink Priest either his own spell or as an arcane vassal to a Slann with Undeath.

Lizardmen Army Book by Jeremy Vetock PinktacoOct 9, This bad boy will have our Saurus Heroes and Lords hitting many more times which works wonders with PF, and give them enough of a strength boost that a great weapon Scar vet starts hitting like a cannon in close combat. Helm of Discord — For its cost, you really need a guaranteed matchup with a low leadership army to make this item worth it.

A great weapon works as well as most magic weapons for a fraction of the cost. Coldblooded helps, but is not always sufficient. But a Scar Vet Cowboy or an oldblood can use this as sort of an extra Armour of Destiny for a very small extra charge. Related Posts



The general, BSB, and a potent spell caster all in one unit. This is potent when it comes to doing just that. Refresh and try again. In small points games, they become a lot more powerful because it becomes almost impossible for an enemy to deploy their units so as to completely close off their deployment zone to scouts. Against most enemies, Strength 6 hits will perform noticeably better than Strength 5 hits.



Samutaxe Cole Norton rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Tricky to use but could do great tricks. Remains in Play horde eater. Ads by Project Wonderful! Terradons are a good answer to warmachines yet not as good as Ripperdactyls. Scaly Skin — Scaly skin is an armor save on top of, or instead of, a normal armor save. A lore attribute that makes this lore even more of a cosex lore. This is a movement masterpiece.


Faumuro A dirty trick against an unaware opponent would be to allow him to get his Remains in Play spells off early in his magic phase, then when he casts another spell pop the cube and take out both spells at once. This site uses cookies. Shrieking Blade — Fear Causing soldiers? I agree in Lizarmden ratings, and commentaries. Magic Weapons Note, when buying weapons for Saurus characters, never forget a Halberd or Great Weapon is often just as competitive as many magic weapons and much cheaper. Remember that any good opponent will packing lizaardmen least 1 Scroll so never depend on your first Dwellers working.

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