The tubes that make up the legs can be extended or reduced with the levers that serve to adjust them safely. They can fit perfectly in an area that presents irregularities, which is beneficial when you need to capture certain types of photographs. Features: XPROB tripod is easy to transport thanks to it has a folding capacity that reaches about This wonderful tripod has a special configuration, which is the horizontal type configuration for photographs that you want to take down, which is possible thanks to the plate that holds the camera safely. This plate supports a maximum weight of The latest tripods for DSLR is here.

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About this product Product Information Designed for professional photographers, the Manfrotto XPROB camera tripod is an extremely versatile monopod tripod for professional and casual photographers alike. The XPROB tripod has has a range, aluminum construction, quick center column adjustment, and three legs.

The center column and the attached leg tubes are aluminum with a smooth, lightly brushed finish. Each tube locks firmly in position by levers that push in or out quickly. Like most aluminum tripods, the legs will extend under their own weight when unlocked, allowing you to be operational at full height within seconds. The legs are stable and sets independently to make photography easier on rough or uneven surfaces while the tips of each leg are fitted with standard rubber feet.

There are also mounting brackets for straps between the tops of the legs. With a maximum height of The Manfrotto XPROB has a center column that holds in position by a large wingnut that locks it securely when tightened. It also features a unique oval-shaped section between the tripod legs and camera plate that allows reconfiguring the center column into a horizontal position quickly.

Horizontal configurations allow the camera to be mounted clear of the legs when shooting documents face down or for alternative macro positions. The camera plate will hold cameras weighing up to Product Identifiers.


Manfrotto 055 Tripods Series Collection



055XPROB レビュー・評価


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