Page 3 Important safety issues Warning In order to prevent injuries from burns, fires and electric shocks, one must connect to a socket that has a ground connection. Be certain of how to connect to the socket before using the product. Only use the product if it is in mechanically complete condition. If damaged products are used, there is a possibility of injury or burns 2. Page 4 Important safety issues - Immediately stop using the unit if you start to feel sick or uncomfortable, or if the massage seems too painful.

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While the internal projector moves along the body from head to pelvis, it measures the length and the degree of your spine, suggesting the most suitable massage to your body. By running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates chi points around the spine. This revolutionary feature helps the users to have their spine massaged more comfortably and efficiently.

The APMS offers six intensity levels, helping users to find the most suitable intensity of massage. The main purpose of applying this music to the automatic thermal massager is to reach users a state of relaxation. This design occupies less space and fits well in a living room, bedroom, and so on, giving them a chic and modern look. A thermal massager relieves the muscle main by providing a certain amount of heat to the human body.

Can be used together with the main massager or in the two-people mode. Attach to the back of the remote control 06 Power Cord Plug one end of the power cord into the main mat first and the other one into the outlet. The cover is detachable and washable. Model No.


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