Cancel anytime. People who bought this also bought Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have married.

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Elliot trumps my skills in many ways, but a lot of things I saw were simply not good writing--at least, not for this time period.

A lot of Jane Austen continuations are not. That being said, I did feel like the plot was very similar to the first. His eyesight returning just as they are getting married was too coincidental and the concept of four extremely privileged young women all going to Brussels on the brink of war was not believable.

I could understand if they had been there already, but with the knowledge of what was predicted to happen there, they never would have considered it. It sounds more like the grammar of a particular location, or the grammatical mistakes we miss when they become popular, like "Kids have such bad grammar anymore. Again, "The most respected and looked-up-to member Not esteemed? I could go on and on. Overall, in spite of all my criticisms, I did enjoy the book.

I looked forward to reading it after the first and was very excited to get it for free. I just feel that it could have been so much better with a few tweaks. The plot was okay, but the character arc felt the same as the first book. His war-torn mind gets in the way at pretty much the same point of the story as the first book, if I remember right.

Like they started at square one at the beginning and are back to the end of the first book. I can picture and hear her voice very clearly. Georginana is bethrothed to col Fitzwilliam and before they can get married, Napolean escapes Alba and col F is thrust back into battle he was working for Wellington at the time. The road to happiness is long and full of the This wonderfully written diary of Georgiana Darcy was amazing. The road to happiness is long and full of the unknown.

Wonderful journey. Characters were true and believable. We see Darcy and Elizabeth. Also there are lovely drawings that dipict scenes that are wonderful extras.

Absolutely loved it.


Pemberley to Waterloo






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