This mobile version plays almost the same, although it limits the number of rolls. So you can run out of rolls before you run out of moves. I can live with that. But there are some things that need to be addressed.

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The game, designed for two to five players, is a race to accumulate the highest score while locking out sections of the scorepad. Because the Qwixx rules are simple, this is a family-friendly game designed for players eight and up. Qwixx Rules: The underlying rule in Qwixx is that numbers must be crossed out from left to right in each of the four colored rows.

It can be helpful to designate this by drawing a horizontal line through the dead spaces on your scorecard. Roll dice to determine who goes first—high roll wins. Play begins with the active player rolling all six dice.

The active player then announces the sum of the two white dice. All players may then cross out that number from any one of the colored rows on their scoresheet. Players do not have to cross out a number if they do not want to. The active player then adds the sum of one white die and any one of the colored dice. The active player only may then cross out that number on the corresponding color row on their score sheet.

The active player may elect to not cross out this number. Play continues in this manner for all players. Locking A Row: If a player wants to lock a row by crossing out the number at the extreme right, they must first have at least five numbers in that row and have a sum that matches the number furthest right.

The player also crosses out the lock on that row, which will count toward their score later in the round. Once the row is locked, players can no longer cross out numbers from that row during play. Remove the die that corresponds to the color of the locked row from the game. Ending the Game: According to the Qwixx rules, the game ends when one player crosses off their fourth penalty box on their scoresheet or two of the dice are removed from the game two rows have been locked.

Repeat this process for all four rows. The player with the highest score wins the round.


Qwixx Game Rules

Setup Each player takes a score sheet and something to write with. You do not have to begin with the number farthest to the left, but if you skip any numbers, they cannot be crossed out afterward. Example: In the red row first the 5 and then the 7 were crossed out. Therefore, the red 2, 3, 4 and 6 may not be crossed out later in the game.


Qwixx Rules, Instructions, Directions




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