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Key Positions. The third in command with the rank also of deputy director general shall be the Deputy Chief of the PNP for Operations. At the national office, the head of the directorial staff with the rank of deputy director general shall be known as Chief of the Directorial Staff of the PNP. The heads of the various staff divisions in the directorial staff shall have the rank of director with the position title of Director of the Directorial Staff of their respective functional divisions.

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Except for the Chief, PNP, no PNP member who has less than one 1 year of service before reaching the compulsory retirement age shall be promoted to a higher rank or appointed to any other position. Section Attrition by Relief. Attrition by Demotion in Position or Rank. Attrition by Non-promotion. Attrition by Other Means. Retirement or Separation Under the Preceding Sections.

Rationalized Promotion System. Such system shall be gender fair and shall ensure that women members of the PNP shall enjoy equal opportunity for promotion as that of men.

Promotion by Virtue of Position. Section 38 a and b of Republic Act No. Section 75 of the same Act is hereby amended to read as follows: "SEC. Retirement Benefits. Section 73 of the same Act is hereby amended to read as follows: "SEC. Permanent Physical Disability. Section 36 of Republic Act No. Status of Members of the Philippine National Police. They shall have the same salary grade level as that of public school teachers: Provided, That PNP members assigned in Metropolitan Manila, chartered cities and first class municipalities may be paid financial incentive by the local government unit concerned subject to the availability of funds.

Early Retirement Program. Rationalization of Retirement and Separation Benefits. Creation, Powers, and Functions. The IAS shall also conduct, motu proprio, automatic investigation of the following cases: a incidents where a police personnel discharges a firearm; b incidents where death, serious physical injury, or any violation of human rights occurred in the conduct of a police operation; c incidents where evidence was compromised, tampered with, obliterated, or lost while in the custody of police personnel; d incidents where a suspect in the custody of the police was seriously injured; and e incidents where the established rules of engagement have been violated.

Finally, the IAS shall provide documents or recommendations as regards to the promotion of the members of the PNP or the assignment of PNP personnel to any key position.

The area offices shall be headed by a Director while the provincial offices shall be headed by a Superintendent: Provided, That the head of the Internal Affairs Service shall be a civilian who shall meet the qualification requirements provided herein. The commission shall establish a rationalized staffing pattern in the Reorganization Plan as provided for in Section 13 hereof.

Appointments of personnel who shall occupy various positions shall be made by the Inspector General and shall be based on an established career pattern and criteria to be promulgated by the Commission. Entry Qualifications to IAS. Thereafter, appointments and promotions to the Service shall follow the established requirements and procedures. Neither shall any personnel of the IAS be allowed to sit in a committee deliberating on the appointment, promotion, or assignment of any PNP personnel.

Career Development and Incentives. This pay shall not be considered a forfeiture of other remuneration and allowances which are allowed under existing laws. Records Management of the IAS. When a PNP personnel is reassigned or transferred to another location or unit outside the jurisdiction of the current Internal Affairs Office, the original records of such personnel shall be transferred over to the Internal Affairs Office that will acquire jurisdiction over the transferred personnel while copies will be retained by the former Internal Affairs Office.

Disciplinary Recommendations of the IAS. Any disciplining authority who fails to act or who acts with abuse of discretion on the recommendation of the IAS shall be made liable for gross neglect of duty. The case of erring disciplinary authority shall be submitted to the Director General for proper disposition. Decisions of the area office may be appealed to the national office through the Office of Inspector General.

Complaints Against the IAS. Section 41 of Republic Act No. He may also impose the administrative punishment of admonition or reprimand; restrictive custody; withholding of privileges; suspension or forfeiture of salary; demotion; or any combination of the foregoing: Provided, That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed sixty 60 days; " 4 The Chief of the PNP shall have the power to impose the disciplinary punishment of dismissal from the service; suspension or forfeiture of salary; or any combination thereof for a period not exceeding one hundred eighty days: Provided, further, That the chief of the PNP shall have the authority to place police personnel under restrictive custody during the pendency of a grave administrative case filed against him or even after the filing of a criminal complaint, grave in nature, against such police personnel.

Section 42 of Republic Act No. His activities and whereabouts during the period shall be investigated and if found to have committed a crime, he shall be prosecuted accordingly. Section 44 of Republic Act No. Disciplinary Appellate Boards. It shall consider appeals from decisions of the regional directors, other officials, mayors, and the PLEBs: Provided, That the Commission may create additional regional appellate boards as the need arises.

Section 47 of Republic Act No. Preventive Suspension Pending Criminal Case. Such case shall be subject to continuous trial and shall be terminated within ninety 90 days from arraignment of the accused. Section 49 of Republic Act No. Legal Assistance. The Secretary of Justice, the Chairman of the Commission and the Chief of the PNP shall jointly promulgate rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Section.

Creation and Functions. Prioritization of Women for Recruitment. Gender Sensitivity Program. Administrative Liability. Non-prohibition for Promotion. Section 51 b 4 of Republic Act No. As deputized agents of the Commission, local government executives can inspect police forces and units, conduct audit, and exercise other functions as may be duly authorized by the Commission. Section 52 of Republic Act No.

Suspension or Withdrawal of Deputation. Paragraph a , Section 43 of Republic Act No. Subject to the provisions of Section 41 of Republic Act No. The last paragraph of Section 43 b 3 of Republic Act No. The term of office of the members of the PLEB shall be for a period of three 3 years from assumption of office.

Such member shall hold office until his successor shall have been chosen and qualified. Compensation and Benefits. However, PLEB members shall be paid per diem and shall be provided with life insurance coverage as may be determined by the city or municipal council from city or municipal funds. Budget Allocation. Request for Preventive Suspension. Any superior who fails to act on any request for suspension without valid grounds shall be held administratively liable for serious neglect of duty.

Rules and Regulations. Such rules and regulations shall take effect upon their publication in three 3 newspapers of general circulation. Repealing Clause. Separability Clause. Effectivity Clause. Approved: February 25,


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