But in the Write a review Russell I have card college 1 thru 4 buying 5 next they are without a doubt the best books on handling cards that I have. I have a large library. The tricks mixed thru the handling are very good.

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This reminds me of the "Scarne on Card Tricks" book that got me started in card magic many years ago. Each of these effects can be performed with no sleight of hand, but they make it appear you are working miracles. The good thing about this book is that the effects are already grouped into threes. This gives you if you so choose a ready-made routine with an opener, middle, and closer. They flow seamlessly between each other. But you can also choose to take any of them as a standalone effect and create your own routine.

Some will require a bit of set-up especially if they are part of a previous routine that would have naturally done the set up for you, like revealing the four aces or something similar but many are ready to go when you are. The book is professionally done, and Giobbi does a great job of explaining how to create your own routines and what to look for in them. Did this review help you? Each trick is well written, through with patter and concept and has beautiful artwork, Already an experienced card shark?

Most of them I already knew and performed, but the book contains several details, subtleties and ideas that were very useful for me. I rate it four stars in comparison to the five star Card College volumes. Do you want to respond to this review?


Roberto Giobbi's Card College Light: Professional Card Magic Without Sleight-of-Hand

The last of the Card College Light trilogy which is lucky because I think Write a review Jeremy What a book! Roberto Giobbi presents seven routines of three tricks each, complete with scripts. He encourages you throughout to develop your own scripts if you wish and to mix and match the tricks into your own routines. Most of the tricks are wonderful but there is as much value in the routining. He does a wonderful job of taking advantage of the procedure of one trick to set up the next.


Card College Light

They expose the method behind the tricks, but they fail to explain how the tricks are made genuinely amazing. Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic. Without these things, all you are left with are mere puzzles. Giobbi brings his widely respected talents as both teacher and full-time performer to bear on the topic of learning and performing sleightless card magic, giving the reader all the tools necessary for a professional-quality performance. The tricks he has selected range from time-tested classics to little-known modern miracles by world masters, and are taught with a thoroughness that includes psychology, presentations, scripts and invaluable performance tips.


Magic Tricks

The magician reveals two cards chosen in a way that would seem to make this utterly impossible. Through the power of intuition, two spectators are able to separate the shuffled deck into red and black cards. The Telephone Trick. Routine 2 Thot Echo. Someone selects two cards under the fairest conditions, and the magician succeeds in finding them. Royal Flush.

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