Posted by Medical books Views The Video Atlas was originally intended to be used by individual medical and dental students. Because of its realism, simple language, and three-dimensional quality, the Video Atlas has become popular with students and teachers in many other fields and also with people not on a professional learning path who are looking for information about human anatomy. Volume 1: The Upper Extremity Volume 1 has three sections: 1 the shoulder, 2 the arm and forearm, and 3 the hand. Each section shows first the bones and the movements they can make, then the joints and the ligaments that limit their movements, and then the muscles and the movements they produce.

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Making Better Medical Doctors of Tomorrow. Due to this common conception, few students before me had ever tried to write a complete set of exam notes spanning all the sciences presented in this exam - and most of the ones that tried had failed miserably doing so.

But wishes rarely coincide with reality. Yet another set of exam notes being made available here Histology, 1st Semester became so seriously molestated due to the lack of time that they ended up becoming almost completely useless. Please click on the set of exam notes of interest to start downloading them. These exam notes also represented a defining moment for me as a student, because they proved to me that I was stubborn enough to write a set of exam notes even if it was a complete waste of time.

Gross anatomy is not meant to be learned by writing, but by admiring the beautiful art of Frank H. Netter, MD over and over again until everything falls into place. This set of lecture notes has been downloaded times. However, through my eyes this is the best set of notes available in regional anatomy for the medical students here at POTE, and I basically found myself incapable of writing something better.

As a result, the rapidly approaching deadline molestated the histology first semester exam notes almost to the point of becoming completely useless.

Sadly for you, I passed the exam as scheduled and never got the time I desired to re-write the histology first semester exam notes the way they should have been written.

This set of exam notes should therefore ideally have remained in the darkness of my closet never to see the light of day again, but for the sake of completeness they are still being made available here.

Use them at your own risk! This resulted in the histology second semester exam notes not only becoming the first set of FULLY schematically illustrated histology second semester exam notes here at this medical school, but also the first set of histology second semester exam notes with COMPLETE organ descriptions preceeding the description of each separate histological preparation.

The feat of me being able to write such readily understandable embryology first semester exam notes did not depend on myself as much as it did on pure stupid luck. While the vast majority of the students before me had been wasting their time trying to decifer the default book recommended by the anatomy department, I stumbled across a copy of a copy of a book so old that it was literarily written on a typewriter.

However, this book succeded in every single last aspect where the default book failed, and this elevated the embryology first semester exam notes to a level of clarity and simplicity never seen before here at this medical school. Due to my shift of focus towards histology during this semester, time did not allow me to illustrate the last 12 questions of this set of exam notes. However, I still had the ability to illustrate the first 11 questions in the same manner as you have come to expect from me before time ran out.

This caused me to rely on nothing but the lectures and pure intuition when trying to figure out the correct answer to each separate question.

However, the neuroanatomy exam notes turned out surprisingly competent despite their obscure origins, and they are still the primary study tool for many students here at this university when studying for their neuroanatomy exam.


Anatomy Thorax Sameh Doss.pdf



Anatomy Handout Abdomen By Dr. Sameh Doss


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