To receive more Page 3 Menu sounds When you highlight or select a menu option on a disc, sounds can be heard such as It cannot be Page 8 contents system setup 37 Setting the Clock 37 language setup 38 Setting up the Language Options 38 audio setup Page 9 system upgrade 62 Firmware Upgrade 62 64 System Information 64 Firmware upgrade notification watching a movie 65 Using the

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With an Internet connection, it can stream videos from Blockbuster, Netflix, and Youtube, and music from Pandora. But it falls down on the little things, making the viewing experience more difficult than it should be. In our image-quality tests, the BD-P received scores of Very Good for its Blu-ray-based content, almost straight across the board. In test after test, it showed better color and contrast than our reference player, the Sony PlayStation 3.

Night scenes looked realistically dark without losing detail, colors were believable, and black-and-white images had excellent fidelity. In a tire in a shot from chapter 1 of Cars, I saw texture I had never seen before. One of the four, Blockbuster on Demand, lets you rent or buy the right to stream the movies of your choice with TV shows promised for the future.

Both of these services require you to set up and maintain an account from a computer with a browser. The new look appears cleaner and more attractive, but the phonelike search screen is clumsier than the old one. The top hangs over the back about 0. The included Wi-Fi connectivity is a nice touch, especially if you have no practical way to string ethernet from your router to your Blu-ray player.

The wizard that loads when you plug in the adapter asks questions that any Windows 7 or Vista laptop could figure out on its own such as encryption type , and provides a clumsy data entry screen for entering your password. Once you get the Wi-Fi working--or give up and plug in ethernet--you can access the Internet, plus photos, music, and videos off of your networked computers. If you want music with your slideshow, the photos and MP3s--the only audio format supported--must be in the same folder.

The BD-P does get the remote control right. The Title and Pop-up Menu buttons, however, are smaller and harder to reach. The play buttons glow in the dark, and the remote is programmable. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. But it should be a lot easier to use than it is in practice.


Samsung BD-P3600 User Manual

Make sure that you are familiar with safety precautions before using this product. See pages If a problem occurs, check the troubleshooting section. Some commercial discs and DVDs purchased outside of your region cannot be played with this product. The Blu-ray Disc Player and the discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order to play the disc. If the codes do not match, the disc will not be read.


Samsung BD-P1600 Manual



Samsung bd-p3600 User Guide


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