As if the creators Kalpa[1] is a second. When will I see thine holy pair of feet, Oh king of the mountains, And be able to hold it ,carry it on the head, eyes and chest, Embrace it, smell the scent of lotus flowers from it, And attain rapturous ecstacy, Which even Brahma and others do not get. In your hands is the Golden mountain, Near you is the Lord of Riches, In your house is the wish giving tree, The Cow which grants everything, The precious stone fulfilling , Any wish that enters your mind, And such many others, On your head is the moon with cool rays, And all the good in the world is always on your feet, And so what can slave offer you my Lord, Except my mind which can be given as the offering. I offer devotions to thine lotus like feet, I meditate on thee who is the greatest, I seek thy refuge, Oh my Lord, And by my words I beg from you, Oh Vibhu, To bless me with the merciful divine sight, Which is always sought by the Gods, Oh teacher of the universe, Teach me the way of the lesson happy living. Oh lord of all beings, Is not your one and only one great help sufficient? For with a view to give protection, To those beings which are movable and immovable, And which are placed inside thine belly, And also to those who are placed outside, The ultra fire producing and fearful herbal poison, Which makes all the devas flee in fright, Has been stopped by you in your neck itself.

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In this sloka the attributes of Shiva are also applicable to the peacock such as having a crest and plume, dancing on the sight of clouds etc. I pray to Nilakantha Shiva, also Peacock whose splendorous dance excels in this setting.

You do abide inside all beings. At least for this reason I am to be protected by you. But you have the brightness of ten million suns.

Why are you not visible to me? How dense must be the darkness enveloping me? Please remove this darkness and reveal yourself before my eyes. Consort of Gauri! The All-pervading! Wonder of wonders! What is there that devotion to the Lord cannot do? The sloka describes his way of worshipping the Lord who happily accepts his offerings because of his loving devotion. There is a story about the intensity of his devotion to the Lord. He immediately scooped out his one of his eyes and put in place on the idol.

Now how will he manage to put the other eye in place? So Kannappa Nayanar put his toe on the spot where the other eye was to be placed. The Lord revealed himself to Him moved by his intense devotion. The hill where Kannappa Nayanar worshipped is very near the Kalahasti temple. What is impossible of attainment for him who worships at your lotus feet? What is impossible for him to attain? O Pasupati, you create this world for your sport. All humans are your play-animals.

Whatever is done by me is sure to make you pleased. My activities will certainly be interesting to your own devotees also. Please protect the cow of my devotion to you which every time yields milk of sweet happiness, which occupies the cowshed of your feet and which is the result of punya earned by good deeds.

He keeps the moon on his head which has blemish on it. Worshipping and serving the lotus feet of Parameshwara, the greatest of the gods, is the field from which grow the powerful herbs for the attainment of mukti, liberation. He whose mind-lake is filled with this water is fulfilled, he attains the purpose of taking birth in this world.





Sri Shivananda Lahari



శ్రీ శంకరుల శివానంద లహరి ఆంతర్యం



Shivanandalahari By Adishankara Bhagavatpada - English Translation


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