His ancestral home was in Basudebpur, Barishal. In , he stood first class first in M. Phil for his research in the field of short stories in Bengali literature. He taught at the City College and later at the Calcutta University. His first brush with writing came during his student years, when he tried his hand at poetry. Later he made his mark as a writer of short stories, novels and plays and also emerged as a critic and journalist.

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The leader of a group of four young lads who lived in the neighbourhood of Potoldanga, Tenida was depicted as the local big-mouthed airhead, who, although not blessed with academic capabilities, was admired and respected by the other three for his presence of mind, courage, and honesty as well as his vociferous appetite.

The stories of Tenida are basically two types. Probhat Mukherjee Tenida. Pyalaram Edit Pyalaram, the narrator of the stories, wrote from the point of view of the writer himself.

He was a timid member and suffered from a chronic stomach ailment. These names are listed, among other stories in the short novella in "Tenidar Abhijan" entitled "Charmurtir Abhijan". Like Tenida, he is also a Bengali Brahmin. Clever and the top among his classmates, this handsome and dapper young man is the backbone of this group.

Tenida always looks up to Kyabla for finding solutions to tricky situations. Kyabla has solved all the mysteries in all the adventures that they have been to.

Habul Sen stands out in having an independent character — he is timid but not as much as Pyalaram. He is also a very good student unlike Tenida and Pyalaram.


Tenida Samagra By Narayan Gangopadhyay

Tenida Edit The suffix da used after his actual nickname Teni is short for dada elder brother which is used to initiate conversations with an elderly male stranger in colloquial Bengali. He is the leader of the gang and sometimes the neighborhood bully. He is an indigent Bengali Brahmin. And Judo Japanese Boxing. In that story,Tenida knocked down a man of kg weight with a single swirl. He was a timid member and suffered from a chronic stomach ailment. His unfavourite food items appear to be potol diye singhi maacher jhol fish curry and bashok patar rosh the juice of the malabar nut leaf.


Rijuda Books By Buddhadeb Guha

The stories, novels, anthologies and essays included in the book are based on him. He is honest, daring, and has a presence of mind that helps him in difficult situations despite being weak in academics. The four of them form the local gang of which Tenida is the leader. Together, they set out to solve mysteries, but instead get into different comical situations. However, they do manage to solve each of these mysteries.

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