This Principal Act governs all the land records in the state. Through the land records all information is accessible such as the succession, sale, acquisition, due to the change in ownership title of the land records as grounds to dismiss filed etc. Section 65B of the Gujarat Land Revenue Code is divided over 5 sub-sections which govern the use of certain lands for Bonafide industrial purpose. Clause a of Section 65B of the Principal Act means to designate any land used for agricultural or any non agricultural purposes other than industrial purpose in the following manner: Such a land can be designated for the use of Industrial purposes if it is so designated by any draft or final plan such as a development plan or a town planning scheme under the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act,

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WELCOME TO LEGAL WORLD Wednesday, May 21, Section 40 3 jj a of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, - Challenged as unconstitutional and have also challenged the action on the part of the Municipal Corporations Ahmedabad and Surat for declaring the intention to frame town planning schemes by issuing notifications - High court partly allowed and held that section would be operative for the land other than the land covered by Section 20 2 of the Act , though upheld the validity of Section 40 3 jj of the Act - Apex court held that as the authority is only dealing with the issues at a draft stage and the applicants have ample opportunity to file their objections and are entitled to personal hearing as required under Rule 26 clause 4 , the matter can be adjudicated before the statutory authority.

Therefore, in view of the above, we are of the considered opinion that the apprehensions raised by the applicants at this stage are pre-mature. More so, there is no reason to believe that the authorities would act arbitrarily and would not take into consideration the grievance raised by the applicants. In view of the above, Civil Appeal Nos.

The judgment impugned therein are set aside to the extent hereinabove. Civil Appeal No. No order as to costs. Civil Appeal Nos. C Nos. The Act was amended on 1. Hence, these appeals. After assessing the market value on the date of declaration of the intention to frame a scheme and the value of the property after making all these deductions, adjustments, improvements etc.

In Jilubhai Nanbhai Khachar etc. In Ashutosh Gupta v. In Prakash Amichand Shah v. Desai, Civil Appeal No. It is in one sense a package deal. In Bhavnagar University v. Palitana Sugar Mill Pvt.


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