For further information please read our Privacy Policy. Size and population development. Higher blocks towards the keyside and lower in the area in between. As a first step land of Bo01 area was released in small development parcels. Session 14 Tage Dauerhaft.

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A primary thesis at work here is that the sustainable city must be an attractive one, and so a good amount of attention is given to the architecture and design. While about new apartments are to be built for the Bo01 exhibition phase, eventually there are to be about new housing units here on the 30 hectare site, complemented by places of work, restaurants, cafes, day care centers and schools, libraries and other services.

Altogether Bo01 is intended to eventually have the character of a city on the water, with canals, recreational harbors, docks and waterfront promenades. The buildings will typically be between three and six stories in height, while an accent is set with the one high-rise structure of 25 stories, which will contain apartments, offices and businesses. Images will be presented of the future of sustainable living and construction. With the assistance of art and technology, these exhibitions are to focus on major questions of urban lifestyles, and how situations may change or be changed in the future.

Secret Gardens Leading Swedish and international landscape architects, garden designers and artists will interpret Tomorrow in the Gardens of the Future. An exhibition called Dirty Design will deal with issues of contaminated land and the alternatives available for reusing and redeveloping such land. Some of the options for reclaiming, cleaning and reusing former industrial sites will be physically demonstrated at Bo Quality Programme A Quality Programme has been organized to help achieve goals set for Bo01 by the City and to define minimum standards for the participating developers and builders.

Expected levels of quality are summarised here for the environment, information technology, design, utilities and social services. Energy systems are coordinated with waste systems to recover heat to generate biogas. Bo01 energy initiatives are part of a EU campaign to support renewable energy sources.

Equipment for waste separation is to be installed in the houses, and a plant is created to extract energy and nutrients from sludge produced at the local sewage plant. Here phosphates will be separated from the sludge to be returned as nutrients to agricultural land. Remaining sludge will be incinerated as a bio-fuel. A new biogas digester will be built to convert organic waste to fertiliser and biogas for heating and as vehicle fuel.

Vacuum refuse chutes are to extract organic waste from other household waste. Services and recreational opportunities are to be included in the development with the hope of reducing transportation needs. A special emphasis is given to pedestrians and bicyclists who will have priority over cars in Bo01 and will enjoy a considerable network of paths.

A substantial program to encourage vehicles using environmentally-friendly fuels is planned, and public transport as well as a car pool fleet will include a number of electric or gas vehicles. There is a plan to provide a tank station for alternative fuels such as biogas, ethanol and a charging station for the electric cars. Actores and structure The decision was originally made in to support such a European Housing Expo, based on a Swedish initiative and with the assistance of the European Union.

Bo01 is organized by Bo01 AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Svensk Bostadsmassa, which itself was formed as a non-profit organization in by the Swedish housing minister to stimulate debate on housing, architecture and technology. The City of Stockholm is also involved, as they have organized competitions among manufacturers to identify the most appropriate, or most sustainable technologies.

The more than thirty different Bo01 property developers and builders are encouraged to use these technologies with the assumption that new technology procurement will function as a driving force for more environmentally appropriate energy and resource efficient materials, products and systems. Results and impacts At the time of writing this review, the Bo01 construction was still in the early phases. While Bo01 started with many lofty goals and dreams, it can not be determined at this point just how many of these will be realized.

During the four months of the Bo01 exhibitions, project organizers hope to attract about 1 million visitors. Bo01 Quality Programme Bo City of Tomorrow.


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Bo10 your profile has been activated, you can return to this page and apply as a local contributor for the project. Session 14 Tage Dauerhaft. Augustenborg — Eco City Engaging the public contained a few barriers and conflicts. Right at the start residents took part in the initial meeting to discuss the programme. In addition to the unoccupied apartments and the associated poor building appearance, the area of Augustenborg had particularly suffered under seasonal flooding mainly caused by the old sewage drainage system. Yes, allow to load Disqus. Since the new system was installed there has not been any severe flood or water related problems.



Akinozshura Augustenborg — Eco City Funding for the project of Augustenborg came from different sources partially from local, national and EU-levels. Priority was set on the cooperation with local residents as well as numerous stakeholders both in the public and the private sector. Heating and cooling is provided through citg heating and waste is disposed of in a number of ways — some houses are fitted with food waste grinders in sinks, others are supplied with paper bags which are dispensed into a vacuum waste disposal unit. Different instruments and policies of good governance have been used in the vo

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