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Zudal Why even have a soltions when you can convert them all into your strength? I have been able to get only in the 70s range in amicat two mocks. If Logical Reasoning is your strong area, you can solve all the questions here.

If you find them easy, then it means you have understood the basics. Re-Read certain lines, if necessary, scan over those lines to eliminate wrong options and answer the question correctly. Sir I have received Basic study material, will I be receiving further materials for practice in July,Aug months? Try and finish off the basic SMs at the earliest, say by mid-July and then start taking the online tests.

You have enough time from now till your test date to put in the required amount of qualitative effort. Im unable to decide the difficulty levels of the questions in Verbal Ability section, ending up in attempting more questions and a falling in accuracy. Look for crucial clues or linking words, mandatory pairs, Introductory statement or Conclusion statement.

You are on the right path — reading newspaper and magazines. Bt after analysing the aimcats i found that i could have done most of the problems without time constraints but somehow fail to do so in the aimcats. Best viewed on x resolution. Divide your time such that some portion is allocated for DI and the rest for QA. Hello Kavya, This question has been answered at various points in the chat. It sometimes happens so that you will solugions a few QA classes back to back. I screwed up English.

Sir i am pretty weak in Quant can you give few powerfull tips to improve my quant accuracy sunil: I want to know 2things: If solutiond are not able to comprehend well, then it may be a solutiins one.

If you want to make it to the best schools, you must find a way out to improving your calculation technique. Plz suggest me how solytions TIME help me for the same? Practice this type of qn from the practice exercises in the booklet. If you meant verbal as a whole then the solution is multi-pronged. Manish, do xolutions worry! Depends on what range of percentile you are getting in the AIMCATs, the lower percentilers would remain at that level, the higher ones get a better percentile in the actual test, given the same level of performance.

How to do well in DI. You need to do that first, and then seek the help of your faculty members. Hi Sir, i have tried many times to learn words from cue cards daily but i am unable to remember them but i regularly read newspaper and magazines.

Excercise your mind and make repeated attempts at solving the difficult questions. There will be around 2 to 3 questions on Sentence Correction. Continue reading the article slowly and soluhions the idea-sets in the paragraph sink in. Could you please let me know what strategy should i follow to improve my understanding? As you practise more varieties of such questions, you would solitions a general idea of the various approaches one can take with regard to such questions.

It was just a bad day. However I am able to read and understand editorials of newspapers comfortably. Firstly, you must check if the set looks familiar, i. Note that CAT is becoming more and more soluitons based and less startegy and speed based. Do not let difficult words act as stumbling blocks to your reading of the novel but let it serve as an avenue to improve your vocabulary further.

I am getting disappointed. This will solutlons you get familiar with the various topics that are important from an RC perspective. I wanted to get an outline of the exam and my current position by giving some mocks. Same story again- cleared quants cutoff but was way behind the VA cutoff. I face difficulty in understanding the RC passages which also consume a lot of solutiions.

For getting call in IIMwhat percentile is required minimum? Sir, i am working on grammar part but still i am unable to solve the questions of aimcat. In class the questions done are quite easy but in aimcat questions are mostly different. All the best and do not give up. Where can one see T. The first that you need to do is analyze your performance minutely.

Do not worry about Vocabulary so much. TOP Related Articles.



Confusable words — refer to T. You must choose the best R. I have given both n Obviously, the level would be different. Chat Transcript The material we offer is voluminous enough to keep you engaged! Ensure that you try and pick up all the doable qns in this duration and then revisit the area which you feel is more attempt-able in the balance 10 mins.



Juzragore That way the chances of retaining words is much higher compared to reading several hundred words per day through a dictionary or cue cards. Sure you can write down the word and find outs its meaning later on from a dictionary etc. Hi, in DI i am aicat to perform lengthy calculations though my basic calculations are good and i have solved speed maths material. Sameer, the cue cards are good to practice or re-visit words that you have already learnt.

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