Zulkikinos Would it be worth investing in a mosquito net for sleeping at the hotel or do they provide them? These excess deaths may be attributable to this epidemic. The mosquito control activities carried out were inefficient, owing to the vastness of area of the outbreak the area of 3 districts included in the study is 9, Km 2 and unplanned operational measures carried out without an efficient entomological surveillance mechanism and due to unpreparedness of the health authorities to handle such a widespread outbreak. The present study provides an insight on the magnitude of the CHIKV outbreak in the plantation sector of Kerala during and the figures actually projected could be an underestimate of the problem, as reported elsewhere. It seems there is no vaccine against it and although not fatal certainly sounds very unpleasant and can be debilitating for anything up to a few months after contracting it. Analysis of our data shows that the mortality rate in Ahmedabad increased substantially in when compared with rates for the previous 4 years.

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Mouth ulcers Complications due to Chikungunya The alpha virus itself is not responsible for majority of the deaths caused due to chickun gunya. The Chikungunya virus destroys the resistance system of the body which exacerbates any underlying medical condition. This complication leads to the death of the patient. Chikungunya can have problems in elderly people. As their body resistance is already weak, Chikungunya in them may cause cerebral complications like dementia and paralysis and kidney disorders.

Similarly, Chikungunya is more critical in children than adults. The reason is that children are not able to identify the symptoms exactly and it may become late, when the disease is actually diagnosed.

Related Articles Andhra government starts taking over liquor business Transmission of Chikungunya If the aedes aegypti mosquito bites an infected person, then the virus gets transferred into its body. The virus does not affect the mosquito itself; but on the contrary, the mosquito aids the virus to become stronger within its body. Now when the mosquito bites a healthy person, the strengthened virus is now transferred into the body of that person. This mosquito normally bites people during dawn or dusk Prevention of Chikungunya The following strategy must be strictly followed to prevent Chickun gunya: Stagnant water must be treated and removed.

If there is a spread of Chikungunya then use insect repellants such as DEET or promythrin in the vicinity People who are affected with chickun gunya should wear long clothes in order to prevent mosquitoes bite them and spread the disease. The doors and windows must be kept closed in the dawn and dusk periods to prevent mosquitoes. So the disease spreads due to the travelling of chickun gunya affected people.

So the patients should regulate their travelling. The diet should be easily digestible such as leafy vegetarian food. Oil must not be used. Fruits like Apples and plantains are good but cold fruits such as oranges, watermelons must be avoided. If the fever continues then Tea and coffee must be avoided Ayurvedic Treatment for Chikungunya There are some Ayurvedic herbs that can reduce the symptoms of Chikungunya.


Chikungunya Symptoms - Chikungunya Causes and Treatment

Gugami Chikungunya fever? The role of environmental and individual factors in the social epidemiology of chikungunya disease on Mayotte Island. Chikungunya fever is caused by an arthropod-borne Alphavirusbelonging to family Togaviridaeprimarily transmitted to humans through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes Pialoux et al. Seroprevalence and risk factors of Chikungunya virus infection in Mayotte, Indian Ocean, It seems there is no vaccine against it and although not fatal certainly sounds very unpleasant and can be debilitating for anything up to a few months after contracting it. Lancet Infect Dis ; 7: These factors could have contributed to the higher prevalence rate of chikungunya outbreak recorded in the rubber plantation belt in Kerala.



Travel options in Kerala. His primary research interests include management of primary health care, family planning programs, quality of care, reproductive healthcare, and maternal health programs. Chikungunya virus outbreak in Kerala, India, a seroprevalence study The study, led by Dr P J Wills, Senior Scientist of the Foundation, associated with Aster Malabar Institute of Medical Science, found that Lepidopterism caused by tiger moths is a serious illness that mimics symptoms of the mosquito borne infectious fevers. Neenu-Raj 2, forum posts.

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