Nill Mar 30, Kim rated it it was ok. The storyline was very dark, very confusing and too long. Nov 04, Caroline rated it it was ok. Knead the dough for 1 minute using flour, cut into 6 equal pieces. Add mano vyro paslaptis olive oil-water mix by little amount at a time to the flour mix while mixing the dough to soften it. In other news, some random woman was murdered.

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Tausho It was laboured, derivative and most of all boring. The stories main characters are Tami and Scott. Leading suspect — someone who gave a fuck. I found the constant flashbacks, although relevant to the story, disconcerting. It was pretty obvious what was going on too! Bizarre to say but the book might have been better without the murder. About pages too long! Return to Book Page. L Collins rated it it was ok Nov 04, The author jumps from multiple characters perspectives, a method that has proven popular with many readers, but in this case it just becomes confusing.

Then a stranger arrives in town to sprinkle rose petals in the sea in memory of her lost loved one. I have read a few Dorothy Koomson books paalaptis, and, after finishing a pretty heavy sci-fi book, I wanted an interesting, easy read with a twist. That was a waste of reading time! Quotes from The Rose Petal Beach. May 07, Kylie G rated it it was ok. Beveik visada tai gaunu. I found this book as I do all Dorothy Koomson books — good to read when living the often more complicated side of life.

Snowflake or not, fuck you. Dorothy does not approve of men who patronise prostitutes or view porn material. Let the exotic taste of life digest into your system, where your mind flows into a new sanctuary. The exploration of this makes it a worthwhile read. Reports say she was the most beautiful woman a lot of people had ever seen.

I really enjoyed the first half of the book. The storyline was very dark, very confusing and too long. I had this on my Kindle, so I started it next. The big reveal feels less of a bang but a whimper. I disliked the authorial trick of dribbling out necessary information in order to heighten the suspense.

Oct 23, Anne Harvey rated it it was ok. All in all, the main problem I think is with the premise. Scott also repents and puts himself in penitence just for the record. Not a favourite of paslpatis. Remove the chilled falafel mixture from the refrigerator and being shaping it into balls.

Thanks in advance; hide spoiler ]. Jan 30, Sarah Lyons rated it it was ok. Related Articles.


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